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Food Industry

Food Industry

By ensuring the safety and integrity of a variety of bulk and packaged foods, Suntec's product inspection system can reduce the risk of costly product recalls, maintain brand reputation, and protect consumers from buying products that contain harmful contaminants and substandard products.

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Customized Food Industry:


Not only can it detect whether there are foreign objects in the baked goods, but also whether there is any missing in the package

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Aquatic products

The checkweigher suitable for damp and harsh environments supports powerful washing and daily sanitation.

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The cut meat can be sorted, set different specifications, and the machine can automatically sort.

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Bulk materials can be tested to ensure that no other foreign materials are mixed in.

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Syndar has been focusing on innovations in food packaging, weighing, and quality inspection and control. Experienced and aggressive employees

  • The Composition of the Checkweigher
    The Composition of the Checkweigher
    With the promotion of automated production lines and the improvement of production processes, the development of checkweighers has become more and more rapid. We classify sorting and check weighing systems into check weighing systems, conveyor systems, auxiliary systems, etc. Below are the details.
  • Ten Tips for Improving Checkweigher Performance
    Ten Tips for Improving Checkweigher Performance
    Checkweighers are important equipment in the food weighing pharma check weigher and inspection industry. They help ensure accurate weight control, maximized efficiency, and consistent product throughput. We've outlined ten ways to help you improve your checkweigher performance.