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Metal detection solutions
Metal detection solutions

A metal detector machine solution with technology and expertise that can provide highly accurate, reliable and easy to clean.We are a food metal detector manufacturer, Syndar safeline metal detector uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to detect magnetic or non-magnetic metals. The sensitivity of our SD-5 series metal detection systems exceeds industry standards, leading the international closed and complete detection coil system, strict, precise and precise automatic filtering detection system, super anti-interference ability, such as vibration, noise, etc., high-level dustproof , Waterproof (IP66) certification can detect all metals, such as iron, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, etc., highly sensitive metal detection equipment is especially suitable for the food industry and other industries. It can be installed on a belt or chain conveyor belt as a metal detector conveyor machine, and can also be combined with an automatic checkweigher and rejection system, which can be quickly and easily integrated into your processing or packaging line, providing manufacturers in the smallest space Maximum quality control.

Challenges in the field

The application of machine metal detector in the processing industry or production industry is to prevent metal contaminants from entering the equipment together with raw materials and cause damage to the equipment, causing the equipment to fail to operate normally; the other is to detect products contaminated by metal and improve the product Quality, to prevent potential personal injury or direct personal injury to users due to metal impurities in the product.

  • Advantages of SD-5000IP series metal detector

    Our SD-5000IP series metal detector system records its inspection history in detail and helps to find the source of errors in production to enhance consumer protection. It is suitable for more than one hundred kinds of products and does not need to set values. The simple operation of the machine on the intuitive touch screen left a deep impression. It is safer to use metal detector food production, metal detector for food processing and non-food products become safer.

    Metal Detector Purpose: Detect all metal pollutants in industrial products such as iron, stainless steel, copper, and aluminumMetal detector is suitable for industries: chemical, food processing, packaging, textiles, pharmaceuticals, plastics and rubber applications


    1. It adopts dual signal detection circuit merging technology, which has high sensitivity and high anti-interference ability. When a metal object passes through, the level indicator will display different induction intensity according to the size of the metal.

    2. It has a product effect adjustment function, such as wet products, sugary products, and salty foods, which will produce metal-like signals to the metal detector. This effect will affect the detection effect, and this function will weaken the product effect. Achieve better detection results.

    3. With anti-leak detection function. When multiple metal signals pass, the metal detector will automatically detect the number of signals, and the actuator will not miss the product when it moves.

    4. When no detected object passes, the instrument is in sleep state, and the detection is effective only when the object passes.

    5. It can be used in conjunction with the assembly line to implement automatic inspection of the assembly line.

    6. The metal detector is provided with sound and light alarm, and it can be automatically eliminated or stopped at the same time. It is extremely convenient to operate and use. The stainless steel probe and frame (optional) are clean and beautiful.

    Designed for integration of high-performance and high-sensitive solutions

    Sensitivity is a measure of the ability of a metal detector to detect metal contaminants of a specific type and size. The better the sensitivity of the metal detector, the smaller the irregularly shaped metal fragments that can be detected. Performance is usually expressed by the diameter of a test ball made of a specific type of metal (for example, iron, non-ferrous, aluminum or stainless steel). For example, the SD-5000IP-1 high-sensitivity detector can detect 0.5 mm iron balls, which is beyond the international industry standard. The impact of ball size is small, but metal contamination in real life may be greater. Therefore, it can ensure the highest detection sensitivity performance and the smallest defective rate, such as metal detector in food processing.

    • Support multi-frequency working mode and phase tracking function. A machine can meet various products with moisture content, salt content, sugar content, etc. to the greatest extent; keep the best detection state of the machine at all times, and the best detection level is free to respond to product maintenance with small changes in phase.

    • Color touch products (7-inch TFT LCD); 32-bit digital signal microprocessor adopts more precise operation and performance equipment.

    • Realize the timely backup of detection data, remote debugging and networking functions, which can realize linkage and integration with other production equipment, and attach an external output printer (optional).

    • Hierarchical password settings, set permissions and passwords for different positions and different permissions, and clarify permissions and responsibilities (users, management and engineers)

    Designed for integration of specialized drug testing solutions

    Each qualified product has a specific model. In some pharmaceutical processing environments, meeting FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements can be a challenge. FDA metal detection requirements support regulatory measures for products with metal fragments ranging from 0.3 inches (7 mm) to 1 inch (25 mm) in length. Our SD-5000IP-2 Pharmaceutical Metal Detectors can detect 0.3mm, which is completely beyond the international standard. The advanced detection systems metal detector truly solves the hidden dangers caused by metal impurities.

    • SD-5000IP-2 series (medical) metal detector machine for pharmaceutical industry is mainly used to detect all metal impurities in medicines (powders, tablets, capsules and other raw materials or finished products), such as iron, copper, aluminum, and even the most difficult to detect Of non-magnetic stainless steel.

    • Super detection capability: up to 15,000 medicines per minute

    • Excellent innovation ability continuously improves the adaptability of products, automatically absorbs the influence of function, vibration, noise, etc. can adapt to various harsh environments.

    • Omnipotent scalability: It can be linked with a variety of different production equipment, truly integrating the equipment with the on-site production system and being intelligent.

    • Material: Medical grade 316 stainless steel tank, medical grade transparent PVC channel.

    Pipeline inspection solutions designed for liquids and pastes

    Food grade metal detectors

    The food industry must meet the highest quality standards. Syndar's SD-5000IP-3 Pipe metal detector can separate magnetic and non-magnetic impurities (steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.) from pumped liquid and paste products. Optimizing process efficiency is critical to meeting customer needs and maximizing business profits. Our metal detection systems for liquid and pasty products can be quickly and easily integrated into existing pipeline systems and connected to metal detector food processing All common vacuum filling machines, such as pumps, clippers and sausage filling machines, make your growing line fully automated and reduce costs. Whether you produce sausage meat, dairy products, jam, mustard sauce or soup, our food metal detector machine can help you reliably protect the machine and consumers from metal contaminants. The metal detector machine for food industry can be connected to different separation systems. Since there are different separation systems to choose from, they ensure the safe and effective removal of all metal contaminants.

    • The metal detector food processing industry has a variety of sizes in the pipeline system: 60mm, 80mm, 100mm, 120mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm.

    • Syndar's SD-5000IP-3 metal detector for the food industry (food industry metal detector) high-quality stainless steel structure and easy-to-use interface make it easy for operators to use, withstand high pressure or high temperature applications.

    • The system has a strong filtration system of international level.

    • All piping systems have reached IP69K grade, are durable and meet strict sanitary standards. After years of research and development on piping applications, our experts know the correct waste and system selection for each product.

  • SD-500 series metal detector product advantages

    In order to minimize the risk of product recalls during production due to metal contamination, the latest Syndar SD-500machine metal detector is equipped with the latest generation of digital signal processing (DSP) technology and intelligent algorithms. Improved detection accuracy and stability, using Japanese chips. SD-500 provides higher sensitivity to all metal types (including iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, lead and other non-ferrous metals and other materials), so that it can detect metal contaminants with smaller irregular shapes. SD-500 is a detector that complies with HACCP certification standards. The metal detector machine price is also very advantageous, and metal detectors for food production can be used.

    Scope of application:

    Designed for the detection of iron and non-ferrous metal impurities in foods such as meat, fungi, candy, beverages, grains, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, aquatic products, health products, additives and condiments

    Used for the detection of metal impurities in chemical raw materials, rubber, plastics, textiles, leather, chemical fibers, and toys

    Used for detection of metal impurities in medicines, health products, biological products, cosmetics, gifts, packaging, and paper products


    1. Adopt the latest generation of digital signal processing (DSP) technology and intelligent algorithms

    2. Adopt German automatic filtering technology (phase adjustment technology), which can effectively suppress the product effect; it can detect relatively large products, such as frozen food.

    3. It can automatically set the best sensitivity for the product to be tested, easy to operate; with memory function, can store more than 50 products

    4. LCD screen with English screen

    5. The highest IP69 protection level, used in particularly harsh working environment

    6. A variety of rejection methods, such as swing arm type, blowing type, push rod type, belt lift type, telescopic type, flap type

    DPS technology (500QZ) metal detector

    Used for detection and product testing of ferrous and non-ferrous metal impurities in chemical raw materials, rubber, paper and other industries

    Product features:using advanced 32-bit high-speed processing chips; full digital signal processing and transmission; advanced product effects and adaptability; the ability to reserve products and record exceptions.

    Detection method:balance coil

    Induction adjustment: automatic adjustment and manual adjustment.

    Alarm mode:buzzer and warning light

    Elimination device:air jet/pneumatic arm/pneumatic thruster (optional)

    • Dimensions: 1000mm (L) * 600mm (W) * 850±100mm (H)

    • The conveyor should maintain a weight of 25 kg/1 metric ton

    • At least 1.5mm metal parts should be detected.

    • Channel size: 400 * 350mm

    Metal detection conveyor system 500QS/500QN

    Adopt the balance principle in the international metal detection equipment; DSP and single chip are combined to sample and process data from the area detected signal, with a good man-machine dialogue interface.

    With self-learning function, the detection material range is expanded; with memory function, it can store the detection parameters of more than 50 products, which can be used for metal detector for frozen food industry, with various channel sizes and various conveyor belt widths, and can customize your product The size is required for easy integration into any vertical packaging process.

    Safeline metal detector service can provide design services, and our metal detector food industry price has a competitive advantage.

After years of research, our checkweigher challenge test has been successful. Our technology can guarantee your quality. Our checkweigher equipment is the best monitoring of the various weight standards of different products that your production process depends on. Weighing sensors It is part of the innovative weighing technology in the production system, understand our role as a supplier of the highest quality product inspection system

Please ask us for the safeline metal detector manual, send your requirements, we can customize the best solution for you

Syndar has been focusing on innovations in food packaging, weighing, and quality inspection and control. Experienced and aggressive employees

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