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Combined checkweigher solution
Combined checkweigher solution

Product inspection and online quality assurance

Syndar has extensive experience in cooperating with many manufacturers around the world to solve online product inspection. Our product inspection system enables you to continuously obtain the highest speed and best quality, and ensures constant product quality by intelligently combining various quality assurance measures.

What is dynamic checkweigher and static checkweigher?

Dynamic checkweigher

Dynamic checkweigher

Detect the product weight and upload the weighing result to the upper computer (such as communication data to ERP, MES and other systems); the upper computer gets the weighing result and further integrates it, which can be used for product data storage, product weight analysis, and product weight classification , Product weight labeling, etc.

Dynamic checkweigher

Dynamic checkweigher

It is mainly used for 100% re-inspection of the back-end products; through the comparison of product weight, it is judged whether the product has defects such as missing or over-installed products, and the defective rate of product shipments is controlled.

Dynamic checkweigher

Static Checkweigher


A static checkweigher with forward and reverse feeding


Designed to achieve a faster and more accurate checkweighing and distribution process


Available in many variants and sizes, ergonomic


Allows integration into data management systems for data tracking and analysis


Fast and convenient label printing

The latest technology:

Dynamic checkweigher challenge test product inspection, integrated into an online automation solution, high-speed fault detection and product scrapping, with our checkweigher system, you are in the best position in terms of quality assurance and performance. We always pay attention to all laws and regulations, you can pass all completeness checks, and can quickly detect the facts of underfill and overfill, which is very beneficial to you as a manufacturer.

  • We provide solutions for dynamic online checkweighing, static checkweighing, metal detection, X-ray inspection and security inspection equipment, including combined systems

  • Dynamic online checkweigher can be combined into a positive and negative checkweigher, automatic weighing and labeling and scanning code integrated machine, automatic weight sorting scale, metal checkweigher, visual and X-ray inspection system or metal detector, in our The latest technology in the product portfolio. So that any industry can achieve the challenge, the product can be integrity checked.

  • The simple product learning algorithm in Dynamic checkweigher equipment can easily complete the settings of different products

Properly integrated into the process, our Combined system automatic checkweigher product enables you to consistently achieve the highest speed and best quality. As you know, for individual inspections of products, you only have a few seconds for precise transportation, positioning and inspection. Therefore, with our checkweigher system, you are in the best position in terms of quality assurance and performance.

Put forward your needs, we will consider and design a combination machine consisting of a checkweigher and x ray inspection system or a sorting machine, so that you can also modify it according to your needs. And, we will design the system to be as compact as possible, taking into account your space constraints.

About metal checkweigher

good metal free area characteristics, thereby shortening the length of the combined equipment. The checkweigher with metal detector is the most commonly used method in the field of foreign body detection, which uses a magnetic field. Perform characteristic detection of metal foreign bodies (such as iron, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.) to realize the work of product checkweighers and metal detector assembly lines.

checkweigher with metal detector checkweigher with metal detector, allowing manufacturers to obtain the most efficient work efficiency and achieve automation

How do we form the checkweigher metal detector combination?

We integrate the functions of the metal detector and the weight detector on a simple cantilever frame to minimize the installation cost and form a one-stop metal checkweigher. The checkweigher equipment has high-speed digital signal processing devices and intelligent algorithms, which improves Check the accuracy and stability of the checkweigher, check whether there is a lack of instructions in the kit or product, whether the object is missing in the box, and check whether the product contains iron wire, lead, copper, stainless steel and other metals and metal impurities, check the food metal The separator can well reduce the probability of metal impurities being mixed into food, and protect the interests of food metal detector manufacturers; the checkweigher system solution is used for the detection of metal impurities in cosmetics, gifts, packaging, and paper products

About automatic weighing, labeling, scanning code integrated machine

Labeling automatic checkweigher is a new type of online Labeling equipment checkweigher from Syndar, a packaging machine that can attach Weigh Price Labeler, barcodes, and QR codes to products.

Label checkweigher is mainly for express logistics, binding the read information and weight, printing and uploading, and finally automatically affixed to the outer packaging of the product. Two dimensional image checkweigher hygienic design: open structure, smooth high-quality stainless steel 304 surface or carbon steel.

Realize the integration of weighing, labeling and code scanning. Labeling automatic checkweigher can quickly process your products

  • The label equipment checkweigher is widely used in the express delivery industry, e-commerce companies or other industries that need to paste the code scanning industry: paper boxes, plastic boxes, express boxes, flat paper boxes, paste labels in folders, etc., suitable for checkweigher labels The printer is used to scan and weigh the shipment bar code when sending and receiving shipments in logistics and check the speed.

  • For products you produce or specific types of packaging boxes and documents, our technical product thermal transfer checkweigher can be tailored to your product and process requirements, and can handle your products competently. We have developed a solution to separate your products, then safely transport them to the weighing belt, label them, scan the code and then unload them.

About high-precision automatic weight sorting scale

Automatic weight sorting scale is a new type of Sorting checkweigher of Xinda Company. The weight sorting equipment of check weigher includes belt weighing sorting machine, turntable weighing sorting machine, sliding weight sorting machine and other automatic sorting machines of different structures. . Syndarcheckweighers for sale weight sorting machine can accurately sort the pre-sorted products into specifications/weight grades by weight. The advantage of the weight sorting scale lies in the active control of the filling and batching process.

Grading check weighing realizes weighing to classification according to product attributes, combined system automatic checkweigher meets various production data needs

Sorting checkweigher is efficient and economical:multi-stage sorting and automatic weighing, instead of manual labor, improve efficiency;

High speed checkweigher has strong versatility:the standardized structure of the whole machine and the standardized human-machine interface can complete the weighing of various materials

Checkweigher challenge test:professional checkweigher system, with rich functions, simple operation, multiple checkweigher data statistical formats, to meet various production data needs

The belt checkweigher sorter can be used in poultry meat slaughter plants. After manual processing, it can be placed on the Food checkweigher. It can automatically sort products of different specifications, such as

seafood, laundry detergent, etc., products managed by Automatic weight sorting scale on the production line Weight, sorting weight to prevent defective products from leaving the factory.

About positive and negative static checkweigher

The static weighing equipment for the purpose of sorting is called static checkweigher, and the sorting method: forward rotation and reverse rotation.

Static weighing, because the object is static and stable when weighing on the weighing platform, weighing sampling data is faster than dynamic weighing, so only in terms of weighing, static weighing has higher accuracy than dynamic checkweighers Many, much higher efficiency; static weighing platform has no object moving mechanism, and the cost is very low.

Static weighing equipment, sorting method: forward rotation and reverse rotation to achieve higher speed and more precise selection of products.

  • We design and manufacture a new type of positive and negative static checkweigher to improve accuracy, reduce costs, and save space. The forward and reverse punching work improves the efficiency of punching and improves the sorting efficiency of the checkweigher.

    When working, according to the preset qualified weight interval, the weighing control instrument determines the driving motor to rotate forward or reverse, and rotate (360/N) for each static weighing result on the weighing platform. Then stop and wait for the next weighing result.

  • The loading method of objects on the weighing platform can be manual or automatic. The automatic feeding mechanism includes power belt, bucket type blanking, slide plate that slides down by the gravity of the object, etc.

After years of research, our checkweigher challenge test has been successful. Our technology can guarantee your quality. Our checkweigher equipment is the best monitoring of the various weight standards of different products that your production process depends on. Weighing sensors It is part of the innovative weighing technology in the production system, understand our role as a supplier of the highest quality product inspection system

+The ideal system for the program
Product ImageSeriesMain purposeFeaturesSpecification

Automatic weight sorting scale

Automatic weight sorting scale can sort the set different weights to different areas.

High precision Automatic weight sorting scale is efficient and intelligent, replacing labor and improving efficiency.

Check weight range: 1-3000g

Check weighing accuracy: ±0.8-2g

Positive negative static checkweigher

Positive negative static checkweigher rechecks the products in the final link to ensure that the weight of the products delivered meets the requirements.

Static weighing operation is simple, with much higher accuracy and high efficiency. Sorting method: forward rotation and reverse rotation.

Check weight range:1-3000g

Check weighing accuracy: ±0.1-2g

Labeling automatic checkweigher

Labeling equipment checkweigher takes the initiative to focus on express logistics and various products, and can scan and read the information and weight and paste it on the outer packaging of the product.

Labeling systems checkweigher product thermal transfer printing technology is mature, label checkweigher has weighing labeling, barcode, QR code scanning, etc.

Check weight range:0.5-60kg

Check weighing accuracy: ±10-25g

Metal checkweigher

Metal checkweigher can be used for production line inspection of cosmetics, gifts, packaging, paper products, etc.

The floor area is the smallest. The checkweigher metal detector can weigh and detect metal impurities such as iron, stainless steel and aluminum in the product.

Check weight range:5-900g

Check weighing accuracy: 0.5g

Please ask us for the safeline metal detector manual, send your requirements, we can customize the best solution for you

Syndar has been focusing on innovations in food packaging, weighing, and quality inspection and control. Experienced and aggressive employees

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