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checkweigher solution
checkweigher solution

Over the years, our high-precision dynamic checkweighe has been integrated into the production lines of leading manufacturers in various industries around the world.

The SW series automatic checkweigher product portfolio has the highest accuracy at the highest speed and can achieve extremely high output. The checkweigher conveyor improves the efficiency of the packaging line.

The role of the check weigher: check weigher can prevent underfilling and overfilling of products, can identify whether the product weight meets the standard, and automatically remove underweight and overweight defective products from the assembly line, thereby protecting the brand and reducing costs. Other advantages include simple and intuitive operation of the machine, which shortens the familiarization period and trouble-free use.

Field challenge

Dynamic checkweigher

Tailor-made modular applications


Syndar's CW load cell can detect up to 600 /min


The smallest checkweighing accuracy can reach 0.05g, and the smallest checkweighing range can detect 0.001kg up to 100kg


The automatic checkweigher combines reliable weighing accuracy and sturdy machine design to meet the harsh production environment.


Multiple statistical methods: batch statistics, qualified product statistics, all statistics, the commodity storage can store more than 500,000 commodities


Report function, built-in report statistics, production of EXCEL files;


Continuously unqualified product alarm or alarm shutdown function.


Easy to replace: can store multiple formulas, easy to replace product specifications, U disk can store more than 2 million sets of statistics


The checkweigher price in this field is the best in the world

High-performance weighing solutions for all industries

·The certified automatic high speed checkweigher solution meets the weight and measurement regulations and quality control in the meat, poultry and seafood, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, ready-to-eat and baby food production, logistics, aerosol checkweigher industries, and accurate checkweigher is to ensure quality The most important aspect to ensure that it brings you value-added.

·You can also combine our automatic checkweigher with a packaging inspection system that uses X-ray technology to detect various foreign objects, such as checkweigher with metal detector, which is also the best choice to make your process more reliable and efficient.

Quick and accurate checkweigher system for small packages and medicines

For pharmaceutical, cosmetics and other healthcare companies, the use of check weigher can improve the efficiency of product integrity checks downstream in the packaging process.

The high-precision weighing machine is a high-speed, high-precision in line checkweigher equipment.

The highest accuracy of the checkweigher machine can reach 0.1g. It is suitable for boxed medicine detection and the use of small products with high precision requirements. Such as medicines and other biochemical products with strict quality requirements, plastic hardware parts, etc. Specially developed and manufactured for the weighing of small and medium items.

  • The machine has complete procedures and management systems, has CE certification for export to European Union countries, and adopts double air nozzles for rejection. Push rod type, firing rod side, up and down flip side can be used. The checkweigher system plays a vital role in food and pharmaceutical production by ensuring the consistency of product weight. You benefit from the SW series online checkweigher.

    Increase productivity, reduce costs: quality assurance in the food industry

    Automatic checkweigher food is the key to ensuring that food manufacturers provide quality products that increase customer satisfaction. Selling products with insufficient weight may result in fines or other penalties for the company. Overweight products will produce unnecessary and expensive product gifts. Checkweighers can be used in almost all industries as part of an effective quality assurance system.

    Automatic checkweigher food and washdown checkweigher combine reliable weighing accuracy and robust machine design to meet harsh production environments. The checkweigher design system (including HMI) reaches IP69 level, the checkweigher challenge test is proven to be resistant to most corrosive cleaners and high-pressure cleaners, and the countertop is designed to be easy to clean. The checkweigher principle is mainly used as part of the manufacturing quality control program, and their checkweigher accuracy is required to ensure that the production site complies with local packaging laws and regulations during the production process.

    With the advanced technology of Syndar Checkweigher manufacturers, reliable products and services meet relevant regulatory requirements and achieve quality control.

    +The ideal system for the program
    Product ImageSeriesMain purposeFeaturesSpecification
    Online checkweigherCW Series

    Online checkweigher detects whether the product weight is qualified, whether it is missing or missing parts, etc.

    The checkweigher equipment stores the inspection data in real time, and the checkweigher scales touch screen has built-in easy-to-understand operating instructions.

    Detection accuracy: 3g-15g

    Check weight range: 0.05kg-30kg

    Automatic checkweigherCW-80 Series

    The checkweigher design is used for production process and packaging inspection to verify the weight of the product.

    The checkweigher principle realizes unmanned, high-speed and high-accuracy quality control of automatic checkweigher scales.

    Detection accuracy: 10g-25g

    Check weight range: 0.2kg-60kg

    High speed checkweigher

    The high speed checkweigher is suitable for the inspection of products below 1500g to achieve high-speed and accurate requirements.

    The checkweigher belt is high-speed, high-precision weighing, with an accuracy of up to 0.2g (3σ), and a maximum speed of 600 pieces per minute.

    Detection accuracy: 0.1g-0.6g

    Check weight range: 1g-1500g

    Washing type automatic checkweigher

    The dynamic weighing scale is a waterproof and dustproof stainless steel shell, which can be used in food production lines that require strict sanitation control, mainly seafood and frozen food.

    The checkweigher equipment simplifies cleaning and maintenance, and the conveyor belt is very easy to remove and replace.

    Detection accuracy: 0.5g-3g

    Check weighing range: 1g-3000g

    Economical automatic checkweigher

    Dynamic checkweigher can be used for most conventional products

    checkweigher equipment is forming a complete DWS intelligent logistics integrated system to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

    Detection accuracy: 1g-10g

    Check weight range: 0.003kg-15kg

    For standing product checkweigher

    Checkweigher design is used for high products in containers, such as beverages and seasonings in glass and plastic bottles.

    Checkweigher principle optimizes and improves the production process, provides equipment operating efficiency and saves materials.

    Detection accuracy: 0.2g-1g

    Checkweighing range: 1g-2000g

    Super large range checkweigher

    Industrial checkweighers are suitable for heavy industries such as factory assembly lines, warehousing and logistics, such as tires and logistics boxes.

    Checkweigher conveyor less wear guarantees greater usable performance: no bearing, no roller, no toothed belt and no conveyor belt.

    Detection accuracy: 10g-30g

    Check weight range: 0.5kg-100kg

    Mid range online checkweigher

    Case checkweigher is suitable for medium-weight items such as suitcases and plastic boxes.

    The main interface of checkweigher equipment comprehensively displays the weighing data and production data of the product, which clearly reflects the product data.

    Detection accuracy: 8g-15g

    Check weight range: 0.1g-50kg

    Ultra small range checkweigher

    Belt checkweigher is suitable for measuring lighter weight products, such as masks, medicines, etc.

    The advanced processing system of the fine checkweigher can meet the online checkweighing requirements of all walks of life.

    Detection accuracy: 0.1g-0.6g

    Check weighing range: 1g-1000g"

    Please ask us for the safe line metal detector manual, send your requirements, we can customize the best solution for you

    Syndar has been focusing on innovations in food packaging, weighing, and quality inspection and control. Experienced and aggressive employees

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