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X-ray inspection solutions
X-ray inspection solutions

High-tech x ray inspection system, which can professionally detect contaminants and product integrity

Quality control of production and packaging safety is a growing global trend. In all production processes, the quality of manufactured products matters. Delivering defective products will result in the loss of the manufacturer’s profits and affect the manufacturer’s brand reputation. To avoid such effects, Syndar has developed a comprehensive x ray inspection equipment, supplemented by x ray inspection intelligent software and optional optical inspection, which can provide the highest product safety. The x ray product inspection series is a good investment for manufacturers who are looking for highly professional foreign body inspection. These in line x ray inspection equipment comply with industry standards such as HACCP, IFS and BRC to protect your brand reputation and avoid expensive product recalls. It represents a well-designed, technical and economic solution, and the price is very competitive, we cover the extraordinary range and depth of application.

What is the digital x ray imaging inspection system of Syndar X-ray?

Detection software

Detection software


X-ray sensor: L-shaped photodiode array detector


Display: High-resolution 15-inch LCD display, in line with MPRII and TCO03 standards


Image processing: reverse display of color/black and white images, edge enhancement, image enhancement, high penetration, low penetration image pull back, alarm function, image storage, image retrieval


Image gray level: 4096


Image resolution: 1024*768


Image processing: 24bit real-time processing


Image selection and magnification: 1-9 selections can be selected, and magnification 2, 4, 8 can be achieved for full-screen observation


Note: The above parameters are the experimental values in the standard state. The above parameters may be affected due to the machine working state, working environment, and the shape of the detected object.

How does Syndar's X-ray foreign body detection work?

x ray inspection systems manufacturers Syndar designs and manufactures X-ray inspection machines to identify foreign objects in products. It can detect foreign matter in metal packaging and aluminum film packaging that cannot be achieved by metal detectors machine. It can perform contaminant detection, shape analysis, missing items and packaging integrity issues at the same time, and conduct strict monitoring to ensure the overall product quality.

The system can detect various types of foreign objects. Contaminated items are detected by the system and ejected and rejected. The x ray food inspection system can also protect the production chain: foreign objects in the product flow may cause damage to the machine during further processing. In some cases, laws and regulations also require factory manufacturers to use such equipment.

British Retail Federation (BRC) Food Safety Global Standard

Food Safety Certification Foundation (FSSC)

Safe and high-quality food (SQF)

International Food Standard (IFS)

What are the functional advantages of Syndar's X-ray foreign body inspection products?

●SD-X is the perfect entry to the high-quality product line of high-tech X-ray inspection system with CW series of checkweighers and rejection system.

●The X-ray scanner has been carefully designed and developed to meet the most stringent foreign body detection requirements of the x ray inspection systems technology market, and can achieve comprehensive detection, which can detect whether it contains stones, glass, plastics, bones and other impurities at the same time , To detect whether there are defects in the product. Such as damage, packaging defects, missing packages, etc., this function is unique in the world.

●Different from other similar products in the same industry, the brightness of our X-ray light source does not need to be adjusted to achieve good detection results, and the detection level reaches the world's highest level.

●The output of X-RAX is divided into single probe type and double probe type

  • Automatically set new production model inspection specifications

  • Equipment washing design

  • Production management by day/month/model

  • MTBF, MTTR analysis and equipment management-Product inspection image storage (automatic storage for 1 month)/printing/analysis

  • Can be controlled remotely

  • System alarm function

  • Monthly alarm information printing function

  • Automatic alarm function when the workshop is in danger

  • Lead 0.2mm (minimum standard for iron and flint)

  • SUS diameter minimum 0.28mm

  • For non-metallic stones, the minimum glass size is 1.2mm.

Syndar's food X-ray inspection equipment challenges in X-ray food inspection?

●The current large-scale processing and production of food has increased the probability of stainless steel contamination caused by processing and packaging machine failures

●Use metalized film or aluminum foil to package products on food packaging

There are a variety of elements or ingredients packed in different compartments of ready-to-eat food, including tableware or sauces, etc.

The increase in private label manufacturing requires food manufacturers to provide multiple products to multiple retailers

Small part size, resulting in light weight and difficult to handle packaging

The food must be flawless, because if a piece of chocolate is placed incorrectly or the pizza filling has slipped, it will irritate consumers. Product recalls are never what food manufacturers want. We can food through x ray machine safe, where you can use our inline x ray inspection X and visual product inspection to prevent this. In addition to detecting foreign objects, we will also check The completeness, actual content and correct shape and arrangement of your goods. If the packaging does not meet the requirements, the error will be logged and the related product will be ejected from the product stream, x ray machine for food industry. Our X-ray portfolio has a modular structure, allowing us to fully meet all your requirements.

x ray food inspection systems' radiation safety

First of all, x ray machines for food inspection should not be confused with other radioactive materials. Radioactive materials such as uranium emit radiation continuously and cannot be shut down. Our food x ray inspection equipment produces X-rays only when the generator is turned on and the system is connected to the power source. This means that when x ray inspection services are closed, radiation will stop immediately. We only need to correctly install and maintain real time x ray inspection equipment that does not pose any safety hazards to the user or the product being inspected.

Second, remember that we are always under natural background radiation. According to a study by the World Health Organization, radiation levels up to 10 x 109μSv have no effect on food safety or flavor, texture and nutritional value. This amount of radiation is about 10 million times stronger than in normal food X-ray inspections.

And food irradiation is another matter. Its purpose is to kill insects, parasites or bacteria in food, so to achieve this goal requires more energy and radiation-almost a billion times higher than the amount of radiation used for X-ray food safety and security.

  • how safe is x ray inspection of food?

    The amount of radiation allowed outside the system is extremely low, but each organization has set clear limits. Our X-rays meet the standards of MPRII and TCO03. In the food industry, expectations of radiation levels are often far below the limits set by the authorities. In the production of x ray machine food safety, an inspection system based on X-ray technology is used to detect physical contaminants and quality defects without damaging the packaging or the product itself. This technology has existed for a long time, mainly in the medical industry and safety industry of pharmaceutical x ray inspection, but in the past ten years, it has also become a more common choice for food safety inspection. Therefore, we can safely use X-ray inspection machines to inspect food. Syndar is very attentive to x ray food inspection services, and the food x ray machine price is very advantageous.

The X-ray inspection system has a high cost performance in the industrial field and also has the performance of expensive high-end products. We attach great importance to industrial x ray inspection services. In the industrial x ray inspection systems market, our industrial x ray services are top-notch.

+The ideal system for the program
Product ImageSeriesMain purposeFeaturesSpecification

Compact X-ray inspection

x ray food inspection systems are very suitable for inspecting raw and frozen meat, seafood and beverages, etc., x ray inspection equipment inspects all-round items

Inline x ray inspection also performs extensive quality control to provide additional quality assurance.

Conveyor speed: 10-100

Pixel size: 0.4mm

Single package X-ray inspection

The x ray inspection system can detect high-density contaminants. If the packaging does not meet the requirements, errors will be recorded to ensure that the products leave the factory without defects

X ray inspection for food industry can still be inspected even if the humidity is high and the salt content is high.

Conveyor speed: 10-100

Pixel size: 0.4mm

Bulk food X-ray inspection

The food x ray machine detects bulk food, regardless of its shape or location, it can be effectively detected to ensure that there is no foreign matter before entering the next step of processing.

X ray food inspection systems are not affected by changes in temperature or humidity.

Conveyor speed: 10-60

Pixel size: 0.4mm

Metal plastic container type X-ray inspection

Automatic x ray inspection can detect contaminants at high speed and high precision, can detect metal or plastic filled products, and can also detect product integrity.

X ray product inspection is easy to detect regardless of the size of the contaminants.

Conveyor speed: 10-100

Pixel size: 0.4mm

Glass X-ray inspection

glass x ray inspection can detect glass containers and glass contaminants inside, and safeline x ray inspection can also detect missing and defective packaging products.

The significance in actual use is that multiple products can be tested simultaneously.

Conveyor speed: 10-100

Pixel size: 0.4mm

High resolution X-ray inspection system

The x ray inspection machine observes clear pictures through X-ray non-destructive fluoroscopy inspection. Online X-ray machine can detect the integrity of mechanical parts, BGA bridge, etc.

Adopt the structure of the combination of high-resolution enhanced screen and sealed micro-focus X-ray tube, the X-ray tube and X-ray detector are positioned in the direction.

Focal spot size: 5um

Detector speed: 20fps

Industrial x ray inspection

Industrial x ray inspection can detect missing or damaged industrial parts, foreign objects, such as molded plastic parts, LEDs, tires, etc.

The industrial x ray machines detection system can distinguish between dark areas composed of lead and light areas without lead, and the stage can be positioned in X, Y, ZF directions.

Focal spot size: 10um

Detector speed: 35fps

Please ask us for the safeline metal detector manual, send your requirements, we can customize the best solution for you

Syndar has been focusing on innovations in food packaging, weighing, and quality inspection and control. Experienced and aggressive employees

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