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Security inspection equipment solutions
Security inspection equipment solutions

X-ray machine, also known as security x ray machine, hazard detector, x ray security scanner, luggage safety detector, metal detector x ray machine,

Syndar is a leading security screening manufacturer, providing high-quality security x ray Machine for sale, a variety of solutions and excellent services can meet the most demanding threat detection needs of customers.The x ray security inspection system is designed for the detection of metal foreign matter and impurities such as food, medicine, toys, medicine, plastics, etc. It is a famous luggage detector factory and security and inspection equipment companies among the leading security x ray machine manufacturers.

》》Unique global features:

Security inspection equipment

Security inspection equipment


A static checkweigher with forward and reverse feeding


Designed to achieve a faster and more accurate checkweighing and distribution process


Available in many variants and sizes, ergonomic


Allows integration into data management systems for data tracking and analysis


Fast and convenient label printing


Object contour enhancement, high penetration display, low penetration display, with magnifying glass function. Brighten/decrease image brightness


Real-time image storage, continuous work storage, with auxiliary detection of drugs and explosives

What will airport baggage x ray machine see?

The baggage scanner is clear enough to obtain detailed images in the baggage, which is why we want to know "what can the airline security x ray machine detect?" They can detect metal and non-metal objects, including most organic materials. This means that passengers cannot smuggle prohibited food and items in suitcases.The main content of the safety inspection is to check whether passengers and their luggage carry guns, ammunition, explosives, corrosive, toxic, radioactive and other dangerous items to ensure the safety of the aircraft and passengers.

The baggage inspection x ray machine relies on X-rays to see through the surface of the suitcase to obtain detailed images of the contents of the suitcase. The security personnel of security x ray machine manufacturers can calculate the density of each object to provide them with the information they need to find contraband. They may not be able to figure out what each item in the luggage is, but if suspicious items are detected, they may search the passenger's luggage.

The purpose and application of the security scanner

In order to enhance people's safety protection, x ray machine security scanner plays a very important role in our daily life. And x ray baggage inspection equipment is designed according to different purposes, so baggage should be classified first, such as small parcels or large bags. Parcel scanner distributors should take innovative and cost-effective measures to deal with many high-profile security inspection environments. So far, people are paying more and more attention to security issues, portable x ray machine for security.

The full inspection industry has achieved standardized management. In the government and the private sector, inspections of goods and vehicles are very common. Syndar's excellent detection capabilities are top in the market. It makes the whole inspection process fast, simple and safe, and has low cost of ownership, high reliability and high operator satisfaction.

  • In X-ray scanning equipment, it is also suitable for cargo flow. Nowadays, more and more people choose to buy goods online. Therefore, the logistics industry is developing rapidly. According to the newspaper, many criminals use this to deliver drugs and poisons. To avoid these situations, logistics companies can use x ray scanning machine baggage to check whether the luggage to be transported is safe. Police can use X-ray baggage scanners to find criminals and ensure social peace.

  • We are security x ray machine manufacturers, security x ray machine radiation can also be used in many places, such as buildings, factories, court buildings, embassies, military facilities, prisons, hotels, schools, conference centers, security checkpoints and special event venues .

With Syndar x ray baggage machine manufacturers (X-ray baggage machine manufacturers) advanced technology, reliable products and services, in civil aviation, public transportation (such as subway), public security, customs, docks, important facilities, large-scale international events, large-scale sports Notable results have been achieved in competitions and other industry applications.X-ray baggage scanners are very useful, but have very little impact on our bodies. The smallest radiation dose is <0.1 µGy, and the largest is <0.15 µGy. This is a small ratio that will not harm our health.

+The ideal system for the program
Product ImageSeriesMain purposeFeaturesSpecification

Small security X-ray machine

X ray security inspection equipment can be used in the express logistics industry to specifically detect whether a package contains prohibited items.

The high penetration of the X ray security inspection system shows that the dark area is improved in the image contrast, and the physical contour edge enhancement is more obvious.

Conveyor belt speed: 0.22m/s

Conveyor belt quota meets: 230kg

More energy security X-ray machine

X ray security inspection equipment is designed for the detection of metal foreign matter and impurities such as food, medicine, toys, plastics, etc.

Security x ray machine uses multi-core ARM, CPU, simple system architecture, extremely low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection, clear images, and strong anti-interference ability.

Conveyor belt speed: 0.22m/s

Conveyor belt quota: 150-170kg (optional)

LuggageLarge X-ray machine

X ray baggage inspection can detect all kinds of metal foreign objects with high sensitivity and high stability. It is used for security inspection in public places such as public security law, stations, docks, venues, etc.

X ray security inspection system's strict internal quality control, real-time engineering and production double inspection principle, help you more effectively improve the quality of finished products.

Conveyor belt speed: 0.22m/s

Conveyor belt quota conforms to: 150kg

Please ask us for the safeline metal detector manual, send your requirements, we can customize the best solution for you

Syndar has been focusing on innovations in food packaging, weighing, and quality inspection and control. Experienced and aggressive employees

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