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Packaging machine solutions
Packaging machine solutions

A wrap packing machine is a type of machine that packs products, which plays a role of protection and beauty.

The packer machine adopts a color touch screen and a stable and reliable dual-axis high-precision output PLC control, bag making, metering, filling, sealing, coding, and bag cutting are completed at one time.It adopts independent separation of air control and circuit control, with low noise and stable performance.It adopts double-belt servo pull die and double-servo control, with less resistance, good packaging bag shape, more beautiful appearance, high precision positioning and accurate size.

》》Unique global features:

Packing Machine

Packing Machine


high speed packing machine high-precision digital sensor, color touch screen.


Each weighing unit and circuit board are interchangeable, and the circuit board has its own detection function.


Intelligent temperature controller control, automatic measurement, bag making, filling, sealing, printing batch number.


The photoelectric detection system is stable and reliable to ensure the integrity of the trademark of the packaging bag.


The Chinese and English display screen control system is convenient to operate, and the control system is automatically matched to improve efficiency.


The length of bag packing machine can be set arbitrarily, which is convenient for making bags that better match the products.

About high-precision automatic weight sorting scale

1. The upper and lower sides of the semi automatic packing machine are heat sealed, the sealing is firm, the bag shape is flat, and the packaging effect is beautiful.

2. The high-speed series of tube film packaging machine is a newly developed machine developed by SYNDAR that can automatically package and seal bags using tube film. Compared with the traditional vertical packaging machine, the machine has the biggest feature.

3. The visual counting packaging machine has a high-speed CCD image point head. The program calculates the product area and reflects the product quantity on the display screen.

4. A series of automatic feeding machine + counting machine + tube film packaging machine completes the feeding, counting and packaging process, which is convenient and quick, and provides efficient packaging flow process for the majority of users.

5. The packet packing machine can be equipped with an automatic coding machine instead of manual labeling.

The packaging machine is suitable for any product packaging operation.

There are many types of auto packet packing machines and many classification methods. There can be many from different viewpoints.

According to the packaging industry, there are packaging machines for food, daily chemical, textiles, etc.; according to the packaging station, there are single-station and multi-station packaging machines;

  • Packing operation or matching with automatic quantitative measuring machine to form a fully automatic packaging system.

  • If automatic box packing machines want to create the most benefits for themselves within the specified time, they must ensure that their packaging production lines are running well and that there will be no errors in the production process, so as to avoid the effects of errors and failures as much as possible. Will get the most benefits for the enterprise.

Application of packaging machine in packaging hardware

The hardware packaging machine adopts advanced PLC + photoelectric system + Chinese/English operating screen, which can automatically complete the counting, bag making, filling, sealing, counting, coding and other processes.

The equipment is easy to operate and maintain. The vibrating plate track requires easy disassembly and maintenance, and can be controlled separately.

The built-in transmission mechanism parts of the equipment are made of quenched high-strength steel, with high strength and wear resistance;

Application of packaging machine in packaging food

In the food industry, packaging applications are very common, various cooked products such as chicken legs, ham, sausages, etc.; preserved products such as various pickles, soy products, preserved fruits and other foods. Due to more attention to food safety and higher requirements, some countries have strengthened the regulatory management of food packaging.

Many companies need to print decorative patterns, patterns or text on the packaging to make their products more attractive or descriptive. Good packaging can make products establish a high-quality image, improve product competitiveness, and promote product sales. It can effectively increase the propaganda of the company and increase its influence.

  • Traditional packaging machinery mostly adopts mechanical control, such as cam distribution shaft type. Later, photoelectric control, pneumatic control and other control forms appeared. However, with the increasing improvement of food processing technology and increasing requirements for packaging parameters, the original control system has been unable to meet the needs of development, and new technologies should be adopted to change the appearance of food packaging machinery.

  • Today’s food production and packing machines are mechanical and electronic equipment that integrates machinery, electricity, gas, light, and magnetism. When designing, we should focus on improving the automation of packaging machinery, and combine the research and development of packaging machinery with computers to achieve electromechanical Integrated control.

Case 1

Name: Vision Technology Packaging Machine

Model: SD-VT350

Efficiency: 8000~12000 pcs/min

Detection size: 2MM-500MM

Power supply: AC 220V±10%, 50HZ/60HZ

Whole machine weight: 120KG

Counting accuracy: 0-3%, no negative deviation

  • Advantage

    1. Take images remotely, not affected by dust. 2. High resolution, detectable fragments and small piles to remove. 3. The whole pile of materials counts, high speed and accuracy. 4. Logic distribution without high-speed gate. 5. Integrated channels, no need for multiple layers of material and lanes, saving space. 6. High-speed image capturing, whole stack counting, logical distribution, and counting method based on high-speed vision technology logical distribution.

  • Applicable industries: electronic components, precision injection molding, hardware firmware, sealing rings, industrial silver contacts, etc.

Case 2

Name: Automatic packaging machine

Efficiency: 6~8 packs/minute

Bag making form: top and bottom sealing

Packing weight: ≥15KG

Power supply: AC 220V/50HZ

Air pressure: 5~7KG/CM3

Consumables: PE plastic mold

  • Advantage:

    1. It can be connected with CCD optical screening machine, weighing system and counting vibration plate. 2. PLC touch screen control system, heating time and bag size can be set. 3. The number of product packaging can be set, and the direction of the material receiving port can be selected. 4. The upper and lower sides are heat sealed, the sealing is firm, the bag shape is flat, and the packaging effect is beautiful. 5. Optional automatic coding machine, instead of manual labeling.

  • Applicable industries: automatic packaging of screws, nuts, hardware and plastic products

Packing and packaging machines Assembly line production and packaging, used in the filling (filling), sealing machine, and coding of products (bags, bottles) in the food, medicine, daily chemical, hardware, lighting, furniture and other industries.

+The ideal system for the program
Product ImageSeriesMain purposeFeaturesSpecification

Visual counting packaging machine

High-speed counting of material packaging,Improve packaging efficiency

Has a high-speed CCD image point head,The program calculates the product area and reflects the product quantity on the display screen.

Detection size:2-150mm

Packaging film width: 80-320mm

Tube film packaging machine

It is a machine that can automatically packand seal bags using cylindrical film.

The upper and lower sides are heat sealed,the sealing is firm, the bag shape is flat, and the packaging effect is beautiful.

Packing range:10g~10kg

Film thickness: 0.04-0.15mm

Automatic feeding machine + counting machine + tube film packaging machine

A series of complete loading, countingand packaging processes,

The combination of packaging componentscan complete the entire packaging line.label checkweigherhas weighing labeling, barcode, QR code scanning, etc.

Features:Fully automatic

Packing material: plastic, PE film

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