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Sealing machine solution
Sealing machine solution

The case sealer machine is a commonly used packaging machine, which can seal both the upper and lower sides at the same time, with fast packaging speed, high efficiency and beautiful appearance.

As a very important part of economic activities, the carton sealing machine industry will have a broader development space in the future, and with the continuous development of my country's market economy, we should work harder to develop the carton sealing machine market in the future, and When producing the sealing machine, we should pay attention to the quality of the products to be reasonable and qualified.

What is a box sealing machine?

Sealing machine

Sealing machine


It can be divided into semi-automatic case sealer machine, automatic case sealer machine, corner edge case sealer machine.


Folding and sealing machine is suitable for automatic folding of the upper cover of a certain specification of carton and then sealing the upper and lower boxes with self-adhesive tape.


The size of the carton can be manually adjusted outside the machine, which can automatically fold the lid and seal the box with tape.


It can be adjusted according to the size of the carton, and the front, back, and both sides of the upper cover can be folded and the upper and lower box actions can be realized in sequence;


Bopp sealing machine selects high-efficiency and durable parts, electrical components and pneumatic components;

What are the advantages of the sealing machine?

·Lightweight and durable, simple operation; side belt drive,

·Printing tape can be used to improve product image and is the first choice for enterprise automated packaging.

·The sealing machine saves labor and reduces the phenomenon of unpacking.

·The structure is tightly designed and there is no vibration during operation.

·The machine has stable and reliable performance, provides sealing efficiency, ensures strong applicability, and ensures long service life.

·The function of manually adjusting the width and height is adopted to ensure that the operator can control our machine easily, quickly and conveniently.

The sealing machine is suitable for the sealing operation of any product.

The baler is suitable for the production line of any product,

The carton box edge sealing machine should be selected according to the size of the outer packing box and the weight of the whole box after packing. The box sealing machines produced by various manufacturers generally have two basic models: normal type and heavy duty type. Generally speaking, large bottled products such as beer and beverages and home appliances require the purchase of a heavy-duty sealing machine.

Choose the sealing machine according to your own sealing form. The carton sealing machine is divided into top, bottom carton sealing machine and side carton sealing machine. Top and bottom carton sealing machines are commonly used, and generally downward-throwing cartoning methods are suitable for this carton sealing machine。

    About high-precision automatic weight sorting scale

    Every day the express delivery nationwide is more than 100 million parcels, and 60% of the express delivery is packaged in cartons. Of course, carton packaging is used, of course, the sealing machine is indispensable, because such a large amount is impossible The box is sealed manually, so the box sealing machine must be used. After all, the machine is much faster than the manual, and it is perfect.

    In today's rapid development, more and more products and more intense competition, so all walks of life are innovating their own products, which is more prosperous for the economy, but in addition to product innovation, packaging is more important. Since the development of reform and opening up, the market share of the sealing machine in the packaging industry has been particularly large, especially the development of the current logistics industry has brought the development of the sealing machine to a higher level.

    Automatic carton packing machines are mainly suitable for carton sealing and packaging. It can be used as a stand-alone machine or used in conjunction with an assembly line. It is a necessary equipment for packaging assembly line operations.

    +The ideal system for the program
    Product ImageSeriesMain purposeFeaturesSpecification

    Manual folding and sealing machine

    The cardboard box packing machine is suitable for the packaging process of the production line.

    Cooperate with manual to complete the precise sealing work.

    Minimum power consumption: 0.2KW

    Belt speed: 20-28m/min

    Automatic folding and sealing machine

    The automatic carton box packing machine is widely used in the packaging of household goods, food, textiles and chemical industries.

    The four upper covers erected on the carton are automatically folded flat and sealed with tape.

    Minimum power consumption: 0.2KW

    Belt speed: 20-38m/min

    Corner sealing machine

    The automated box packing machine is widely used in box sealing work that requires strict packaging.

    The corner edge sealing machine uses instant adhesive tape to seal the eight corners and four sides of the carton parallel to the forward direction.

    Minimum power consumption: 0.4KW

    Belt speed: 6-10 cases/min

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