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SYNDAR will participate in the 21st China Bakery Exhibition in 2017

SYNDAR will participate in the 21st China Bakery Exhibition in 2017

January 14,2020
The 2017 China International Bakery Exhibition was held in Guangzhou Pazhou·Canton Fair Complex! Founded in 1997, China Baking Exhibition is the first professional exhibition in China's baking industry. The 20th China Baking Exhibition in 2016 is a milestone in history. The booth area exceeded 62,000 square meters, and as many as 809 domestic bakery companies participated, including 70% of the top 100 domestic bakery companies. Nearly 70,000 spectators from more than 60 countries came to visit. Through this exhibition, SYNDAR technology demonstrated the main products of Nuoding metal detectors to the majority of distributors and host customers. At the same time, through on-site communication, collecting information on potential customers and consolidating existing cooperative customers, they further understood the latest market in the baking market. Unlimited business opportunities! Dongguan Nuoding Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is looking forward to your visit.

The company’s participation in this exhibition focuses on broadening its horizons, opening ideas, learning advanced, exchanges and cooperation. It makes full use of the opportunity of this exhibition to communicate, communicate and negotiate with customers and distributors who come to visit, which further enhances the company’s brand awareness and Influence, and at the same time, further understand the product characteristics of advanced companies in the same industry, in order to better improve their product structure and give play to their own advantages.

Show information:
Exhibition time: May 25-27, 2017 Opening hours: 9:30 am to 5:00 pm
Exhibition address: Hall 1.1-6.1, Area A, Pazhou Complex, Canton Fair

Main products: metal detectors, metal separators, X-ray foreign body detectors, weight selection nicknames, security doors

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