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A detailed analysis of the main features of the X-ray foreign body detector

A detailed analysis of the main features of the X-ray foreign body detector

May 9,2020
With the continuous improvement of living standards, people have higher requirements for the quality and safety of food and industrial products used daily, and the country has accordingly formulated strict safety inspection regulations and regulations. In order to better meet related needs and improve the inspection level, x ray inspection equipment has also developed from the original single-view inspection technology to a new multi-view inspection technology, so as to provide more choices for customers with different needs.
The x ray inspection equipment series products have repeatedly set new high market shares due to their reliable performance and excellent inspection results. As a high-tech product, due to the influence of the operator's experience, it is inevitable that some minor problems sometimes occur. In order to enable our customers to have a certain degree of self-inspection ability on the equipment, as well as the ability to solve some common problems, and to better serve our customers, Meiya Optoelectronics Technology Center has carefully compiled a set of X-ray foreign body inspection machine series product operation guidelines. WeChat will share with you now.

The main features of x ray inspection equipment
1. The multi-view X light source is used to work synchronously, and the product is illuminated by one vertical and two horizontal light sources at the same time, covering the entire area to the greatest extent, avoiding blind spots and improving the possibility of detection.
2. The absorption effect of in line x ray inspection in different directions for irregular foreign matter is different. The multi-view X light source ensures the detection of irregular foreign matter.
3. For foreign objects that are often close to the edge and bottom of the product or packaging, the multi-view X-ray foreign object detection machine adopts self-use area shielding technology for each angle of the light source to conduct targeted inspections of foreign objects at the edge to avoid false detections.
4. The use of a highly integrated pure digital solution to realize the functions of the X-ray foreign body detection machine, the drive of the X-ray array detector, the collection and transmission of image data, and the image preprocessing algorithm are all implemented on the single-chip FPGA. The structure of the system is simplified to the greatest extent, the reliability of the system is improved, and the failure rate of the equipment is reduced. The system is more reliable, stable and maintenance-oriented.
5. The use of high-speed video Cam eraLink interface protocol enables the maximum image transmission speed to reach 1.6Gbps to ensure that the system has good real-time performance in high-speed detection; in addition, the use of Cam eraLink image capture card greatly enhances the versatility of the detection system And scalability.
6. Developed the x ray inspection system based on Windows, which realized the parameter setting control and mechanical control of x ray inspection equipment and the fast foreign body detection algorithm of X-ray images. Friendly man-machine interface.

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