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Advantages of using metal separators in injection molding machines

Advantages of using metal separators in injection molding machines

May 15,2020
Customers who frequently use injection molding machines should know that under normal working conditions, the injection molding machine sometimes needs to burn the barrel or screw, but it is always damaged. Then the cause of these is that it contains impurities such as metal, which leads to failure. What are the advantages of using plastic-metal separators for injection molding machines?
Plastic metal separators are used for metal detection and separation of raw materials, nozzle materials, and recycled materials in plastics, pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals, electronics, electrical appliances and other industries. It can quickly detect and automatically separate metal impurities such as iron, copper, aluminum, and stainless steel in the raw materials, and can also be installed on injection molding machines, extruders and other equipment.
The integrated detection coil of the plastic metal separator and the separation device are integrated. The controller and the host are inseparable. It is easy to install and use. It can be quickly removed by the rejection system, which can reduce material loss and will not interfere with the normal production process. A variety of calibers are available. , The model meets all practical applications (product specifications, accuracy requirements, working flow), testing material characteristics: bulk, dry, good fluidity, powdery particles. Optional quick connector and airtight flange to realize quick installation and disassembly.
The advantages of plastic-metal separators. Adding a plastic-metal separator should consider issues such as increasing the budget and modifying the feeding system, but it will definitely improve product quality, increase automation, and increase waste disposal rates. In many cases, the cost of avoiding a failure may exceed the investment in the metal separator. Reduce downtime, increase production efficiency, reduce maintenance and repair costs, and extend the service life of production equipment.

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