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Application of Food Metal Detector in Meat Industry

Application of Food Metal Detector in Meat Industry

Issue Time:2020-05-22
With China’s economic development, the living standards of the broad masses of people have gradually improved. Therefore, the consumption of meat, eggs and poultry in the dietary structure of urban residents has increased greatly. Currently in the domestic meat industry, food metal detector
The use of is mainly used in the following three aspects:
1. Detect whether there is an injection needle in the frozen segmented carcass;
2. Detect whether the cut meat has fragments formed by broken tools;
3. Detect whether there are metal impurities in the raw materials of the sausage filling line;
This is mainly because if there are metal impurities in the product, it is likely to cause damage to the cutter of the chopper. If metal pollution is found at the level of the final consumer, it will have a great negative impact on the company. To
With the development of the world economy, countries around the world are paying more and more attention to whether food packaging meets sanitary standards. The same is true in our country. Because we choose different raw materials and different processing techniques, we will get different sanitary conditions. It is also a big problem for each of our companies to keep up with the development of the world economy as soon as possible. Today's FDA and EU standards are a problem that every enterprise that wants to export will inevitably encounter. It is still the best policy for enterprises to prepare early and pass the customs early.

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