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Application of Metal Detector in Baked Food Production

Application of Metal Detector in Baked Food Production

May 22,2020
During the production and processing of baked goods, metal powders, metal particles or needle-shaped amorphous metal foreign bodies are often mixed into the food due to the abrasion, aging of the baking equipment, loosening of parts, and falling off, which greatly brings great safety to baked food Harm, causing unpredictable loss to the credibility of baking production enterprises. Therefore, we say that metal is the first hurdle for the safety of bakery products. In our daily production, we often use metal detectors machine to detect the products to prevent the existence of metal foreign bodies in the products.
Metal detectors machine generally consists of two parts, namely the detection head (including the sensor) and the automatic rejection device. The detection head is composed of three groups of induction coils, including the radiation coil in the middle and the same receiving coils on both sides. The high-frequency AC magnetic field is generated by the oscillator connected to the radiation coil in the middle, and the receiving coils on both sides are connected so that the induced voltages cancel each other before the magnetic field is not disturbed. When products containing metal foreign bodies enter the detection range of the detection head, they will interfere with the magnetic field, causing the induced voltages of the receiving coils on both sides to not cancel each other. The uncompensated induced voltage passes through the sensor, is processed by the control system and generates a rejection signal and is sent to the automatic rejection device. To
  The factors that affect the detection accuracy of the metal detectors machine during the working process include the composition of the measured object: the influence of iron, moisture, and salt in the measured object. Iron is divided into magnetic metals, and moisture and salt bring conductivity to the tested object. The area of ​​the measured object is large, which will generate a large eddy current, so that the measured object will have electromagnetic noise, which will cause the magnetic field to be confused and cause malfunction. The temperature of the measured object, because the measured food contains moisture, the state of moisture (gas, liquid, solid) is different, and the degree of influence is also different. These influencing factors can now be adjusted. To
The important role of metal detectors machine is to provide reliable protection to the product through sensitive and reliable detection of harmful small metal debris. 
However, this protection can only be achieved when the contaminated product is reliably removed from the production process and the safe product is delivered to the customer. Therefore, the role of metal detectors in the production of baked goods is indispensable!

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