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Behind the circulation of "cadmium rice": lack of heavy metal detection in the entire rice industry chain

Behind the circulation of "cadmium rice": lack of heavy metal detection in the entire rice industry chain

October 26,2020

Behind the circulation of "cadmium rice": lack of heavy metal detection in the entire rice industry chain

Core reminder: From the rice production area to the sales area, there are multiple links such as the acquisition, storage, processing, and sales of grain, and the metal detection of grain is missing. If it were not for the unconventional random inspection by the quality inspection department of the sales area, the "cadmium rice" found might have flowed to the table.

   The scope of the "cadmium rice" incident continued to spread. Raw rice from Hunan, Jiangxi, Guangdong and other places were spotted with heavy metal cadmium exceeding the standard. It is understood that after the Guangzhou Food and Drug Administration checked out that the cadmium content in rice from You County and Hengdong County in Hunan exceeded the standard, the relevant authorities in Shunde, Guangdong found that the cadmium content in three batches of rice produced by the three companies exceeded the standard. In Jiangxi and Guangdong Lechang.

The reporter learned from an interview in Youxian, Hunan, a major grain-producing county in the country, and learned that the detection of heavy metals in grain is missing in multiple links from the rice-producing area to the sales area, including the purchase, storage, processing, and sales. If it were not for the unconventional random inspection by the quality inspection department of the sales area, the "cadmium rice" found might have flowed to the table.

In the process of grain purchase and storage, the reporter saw the raw material inspection report of a well-known rice company in Changde, Hunan, and the grain and oil quality inspection center directly under the Central Grain Reserve Zhuzhou Depot. The above inspection items included roughness. , Moisture, impurities, imperfect grains, pest density, etc., do not involve heavy metal indicators.

In the process of rice processing, a staff member of the production department of a rice company in Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province said that the company does not have the capability of Metal Detection. Not long ago, in accordance with the requirements of Zhuzhou Technical Quality Supervision Bureau, the company sent a batch of rice for Metal Detection.

Wang Qizai, director of Shiyangtang Tianxing Rice Factory in Youxian County, said that the rice factory first harvests grain from farmers, then removes the husks, grinds and polishes the rice, and finally, after screening, color selection, packaging, and after packaging, it can be done. Get in the car, there is no random inspection on the road. "I never heard of anyone who was poisoned by eating rice, so there has been no awareness of Metal Detection for a long time."

  As consumers pay more and more attention to the issue of heavy metals, some companies will also choose to submit inspections to prove their innocence. Peng Runchu, Chairman of Hongde Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., Junshanpu Town, Hanshou, Changde City, Hunan Province, found out a report of early indica rice inspection issued by Hanshou County Quality Supervision, Inspection and Metrology Inspection Office in May 2012, which contained mercury, cadmium and inorganic The test results of three heavy metal items including arsenic are all qualified.

   Although many Hunan rice mill owners hold heavy metal inspection reports like Peng Runchu, the authoritative authorities have been unable to release comprehensive data. This has caused the general public to worry about excessive cadmium in rice.

   In fact, grain Metal Detection is not technically difficult. At the Beijing Food Safety Summit Forum held not long ago, relevant experts and technology companies told reporters that Metal Detection technology is very mature, and the results will be available in the afternoon after the inspection is sent in the morning.

"The key is whether government departments and enterprises are willing to invest in testing." According to the person in charge of an agricultural product quality and environmental monitoring station in Jiangsu Province, the local area has included heavy metals in routine testing items, and the agricultural products in the three links of farmland, market and warehouse Carry out random inspections, and it is mandatory.

According to reports, after the occurrence of the "cadmium rice" incident, the Youxian Quality Supervision Bureau has organized supervisors to conduct supervision and random inspections of the rice in the finished product warehouses of the above three problematic enterprises, and have sent them to the provincial statutory inspection agency for inspection and comprehensive analysis of the products. Quality status. A recall supervision notice for the problematic batch of products was issued to the rice processing enterprises with problems, requiring the companies to recall and remove the problematic batches within a specified time. At the same time, the problematic enterprises were ordered to suspend business for rectification.

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