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Does the X-ray foreign body detector pose a hazard to operators or products

Does the X-ray foreign body detector pose a hazard to operators or products

October 27,2020

Does x ray inspection equipment pose a hazard to operators or products?

      of course not. Basically, there is a limit value called "local dose rate". People or products can be safely exposed to radiation without worrying about any health effects.

The most advanced x ray inspection system is equipped with an advanced shielding system, which can reliably keep the generated X-rays inside the machine. The multi-channel monitoring safety device and the mechanical expansion cover ensure that the operator will never have direct access to X-rays. Moreover, it is ensured that the actual local dose rate is many times lower than the limit value, so the operation of the X-ray inspection system can be guaranteed to be absolutely safe for production personnel.

Only for comparison: the radiation absorbed by the human body during the 8-hour intercontinental flight is 34 times the radiation absorbed by the human body at a distance of 10 cm from the X-ray inspection system and working for 8 hours. Generally speaking, even the average radiation on the ground in Germany now is four times higher than that of working near X-ray scanners.

How does the X-ray scanner work?

X-rays have very high energy, so they can penetrate entities. X-rays used for "radiography" are generated by an electronically controlled X-ray tube. There is a linear detector above the conveyor belt, which measures the amount of radiation reaching the test object and converts it for further processing. Depending on the density of the inspection object, X-rays are adjusted to a higher (high density) or lower (low density) level when passing through the product. The detector converts the remaining radiation into an electrical signal, and the density difference of the inspection object can thus be presented in the image. The higher the density of the material, the darker it will appear on the X-ray image, and vice versa. The image processing software detects the difference in light and dark contrast in the image, highlights the contaminants or missing products, and outputs corresponding signals.

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