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False alarms and troubleshooting of metal detectors during normal use

False alarms and troubleshooting of metal detectors during normal use

Issue Time:2020-10-27

False alarms and troubleshooting of metal detectors machine during normal use


   1. It is judged that the metal detectors machine is malfunctioning in the following situations


  Problem 1: The metal detectors machine falsely alarms after being turned on, and the actions are frequent


  Question two: sometimes metal detectors machine moves frequently, sometimes normal


   Problem 3: The metal detectors machine is normal after being turned on, and other machines, such as fans, are turned on by mistake.


   Question 4: But the product is normal when the product is used, and there is a false alarm when the product is passed

 2. Troubleshooting of problem 1:


   1. Check whether the metal detector shell is in contact with other metals. Note: The metal detector should not be in contact with other metal objects.


  2. The metal detector has two sets of shielded wires leading out, which are signal transmitting and signal receiving wires. Check whether there is a wrong connection on the wiring terminal of the main control box and whether it is connected firmly. Pay special attention to the loose wire ends on the terminal blocks which may cause malfunction.


   3. Check whether there is strong electromagnetic interference near the metal detector.


   4. There is strong radio frequency interference near the metal detector, such as a high-power inverter that does not suppress radio frequency interference. The carrier frequency of the inverter can be modified or interference suppression devices can be installed.


   Three, the troubleshooting of the second and third questions:


  1. First check the power supply of the controller. We require that the power supply of the metal detectors machine is a separate power supply. Also pay special attention to not sharing the power supply with the inverter. If power is supplied by a stabilized source, a separate stabilized device must be used.


  2. Does the metal detector shake severely after other machines are turned on? The four-direction casters of the metal detectors machine should be installed firmly. Other equipment should be some distance away from the probe.


   Four. Troubleshooting of problem four:


   1. First, check if it causes violent shaking when passing the product, which causes the metal detector to rub against, if it is to be fixed.


  2. Observe whether the product has serious static electricity when it passes the conveyor at high speed.


  3, do not rule out the existence of product effects

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