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How to get good detection efficiency of food metal detector

How to get good detection efficiency of food metal detector

Issue Time:2020-10-27

Food metal detector can be used not only to detect metal impurities in products in the chemical, textile, food processing and other industries, but also to detect metal foreign objects in raw materials in the mining, wood, and plastic industries. The use of food metal detectors can make products without Pollution can also protect key equipment from damage and improve the detection efficiency of equipment.

The good detection efficiency of food metal detector is inseparable from the performance characteristics of the equipment. The editor below will introduce you to the performance characteristics of food metal detector. Please read the following sections.

Performance characteristics:

1. Rack: The design is very lightweight and can be used for online inspection of powder and granular products;

2. Sensitivity: extremely high sensitivity, which increases the detection accuracy;

3. Product effect suppression ability: extremely strong, expanding the scope of application;

4. Dual signal detection: the sensitivity of iron and non-ferrous metal detection is adjusted and displayed independently;

5. Good water resistance: the cabinet and the probe are fully sealed to adapt to the humid working environment;

The performance characteristics of the food metal detector enhance the detection performance of the equipment and enable users to better experience the benefits of the equipment.

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