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How to solve the problem of metal detector sensitivity

How to solve the problem of metal detector sensitivity

October 27,2020

The technologies and algorithms used by different metal detectors machines are different. They are all automatically controlled by computers. Today we will talk about the latest technologies used in food metal detectors and which algorithms are used. . Generally speaking, the most advanced technology of food metal detector is to use DSP algorithm. The details are as follows:


All products have different effects on the sensitivity of food metal detectors, such as the impact of "wet materials" such as meat, fruits and vegetables rich in moisture and salt on the sensitivity of food metal detectors. Very large, "dry materials" with little moisture, salt, and sugar have little effect on the theoretical sensitivity value.


   Here is a sensitivity problem. The factors affecting sensitivity are generally summarized as follows:


   1. Different metal types


   2. Different working frequency, phase and product effects


  3. Opening size


   4. Metal coating or aluminum film packaging materials


   5. Environmental factors


   There is no way to solve the effects of these products, there will always be a nemesis. How to solve it?


   One, change the phase angle


   2. Reduce the operating frequency


   Three, reduce sensitivity


   Food metal detectors The requirements for food metal detectors will be a little bit stricter, and will be more complicated, because after all, there are differences between frozen and normal temperature.

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