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Li Keqiang :Heavily punished food safety offenders and fined them bankruptcy

Li Keqiang :Heavily punished food safety offenders and fined them bankruptcy

October 27,2020

"Those responsible for the consequences of serious food safety incidents should be severely punished and fined them go bankrupt!" Li Keqiang said at the State Council executive meeting on March 26.

The "Regulations on the Implementation of the Food Safety Law of the People's Republic of China (Draft)" was passed at the meeting that day. Li Keqiang said that although food safety work has made some achievements in recent years, it is still far from the expectations of the people.

"Food is the most important thing for the people, and food safety is a matter of paramount importance." The Premier said, "We must resolutely maintain the bottom line of safety, ensure food safety, and safeguard people's health."

The draft passed at the meeting detailed the main responsibilities of producers and operators, government supervision responsibilities and accountability measures, increased the punishment of companies that violate laws and regulations and their legal representatives and other relevant persons responsible in accordance with the law, and improved food safety standards, Risk monitoring and other systems.

Li Keqiang clearly requested that companies that violate laws and regulations and their legal representatives and other relevant responsible persons should be further penalized, and at the same time speed up the study of disciplinary mechanisms such as "life-long expulsion from the market". It is necessary to clarify the large-amount fines enforcement department from the legal procedure to ensure that the punishment is reasonable and the law enforcement "sword" is more effective.

"In short, we must truly implement the regulations, let the punishment really play a ‘deterrent’ role, and make malicious offenders pay a heavy price!" said the prime minister.

Living standards are getting better and better, but food safety is indeed worrying. Many edible products have various food safety hazards, but these can be avoided. Now in order for food to be circulated on the market, There are food safety inspectors to test food safety, and food x ray machines are used when these inspectors inspect some foods. In the process of production and inspection of products, in order for food to meet the relevant national requirements for food and improve the quality of food, food X-ray inspection food x ray machine has been applied. It has a new multi-view inspection technology that can be more Convenient and accurate detection of food safety.

We know that the food x ray machine can use the penetrating power of X-rays to easily detect foreign objects in the food to improve the quality of the food. General meat products, aquatic products, fruits and vegetables, additives, milk powder, chocolate snacks and other foods will inevitably be omitted and careless when packaging. At this time, some similar metals, glass, ceramics, and stones will be missed. , Bones, plastics and other foreign objects in the food, these are difficult to identify manually, especially after packaging it can’t be identified manually. At this time, the food x ray machine must be used to detect it, and it can be detected by X-ray. A foreign body was detected. It can also detect packaging cracks, bubbles, packaging defects, etc., which plays a very important role in food safety testing.

Therefore, the food x ray machine can be widely used in the food industry. Its biggest function is to ensure the circulation of qualified food in the market, eliminate some unqualified food, and ensure people's life safety.

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