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Maintenance instructions for plastic metal separators:

Maintenance instructions for plastic metal separators:

October 27,2020

Maintenance instructions for plastic metal separators:

1. Equipment maintenance (especially welding and drilling) is prohibited during equipment operation. Isolation barriers should be set up to prevent welding slag and debris from being scattered.

2. A complete isolation board should be used when installing new equipment.

3. Before the repaired equipment is returned to the production line, it should be cleaned with magnetic pads, brushes and vacuum cleaners.

4. After completing any repair or installation, a member of the quality assurance team should inspect the equipment and its surrounding area.

5. Precautions for the use of plastic metal separators

 When using a metal detector indoors, the conditions for stable operation are as follows:

Storage temperature: -10 ıC-+50 ıC (15 ıF-120 ıF)

Working temperature: -10 ıC-+45 ıC (15 ıF-110 ıF)

Humidity: At 45 ıC, the maximum air relative humidity is 93%

Voltage: The fluctuation range of the supply voltage should not exceed +10% / -15%

Work rate: no more than 1250W

Grounding resistance: less than 4

 The parameter setting is set by the operator designated by the company and generally does not need to be changed.

 This operating system can store about 20 different products, according to the needs, the operator designated by the company calls out the program before use.

6. During use, do not approach the opening with your hands to avoid misoperation.

7. The belt needs to be cleaned regularly, preferably twice a week.

 When cleaning, turn off the machine;

 Be sure to use a clean dry towel, spray an appropriate amount of detergent, dry it, and blow it dry with a trachea.

8. During the rejection process, it is forbidden to approach the rejection system to avoid injury.

9. Lubricate the bearings once every half month. Keep it in good working condition. Be careful not to let oil drip on the belt when refueling.

10. When cleaning the machine, first turn off the machine and cover the motor with a protective cover before cleaning. After drying, remove the protective cover.

11. There should be no electrical equipment near the machine to prevent electromagnetic interference.

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