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Metal detector anti-virus software in the field of detection

Metal detector anti-virus software in the field of detection

October 27,2020

The metal detector machine is specially used for the detection of ferrous metals and non-ferrous metal impurities in foods such as meat, fungi, candy, beverages, grains, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, aquatic products, health products, additives and condiments.

  1. Market analysis by function:

1) Metal detector machine: It can detect all metal impurities of different materials, so this product currently has the highest market share in the global market, and it is more popular among users. And this product is very versatile, mainly for

A is specially used for the detection of iron and non-ferrous metal impurities in foods such as meat, fungus, candy, beverages, grain, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, aquatic products, health products, additives and condiments.

B Used to detect metal impurities in chemical raw materials, rubber, plastics, textiles, leather, chemical fibers, and toys

C. Metal impurities used in medicine, health care products, biological products, cosmetics, gifts, packaging, and paper products

2) Iron metal detector machine, also known as "needle detector", "needle detector", "needle passing machine", these products can only be used to detect iron metal impurities, mainly used in clothing, textiles and other sewing products industries. Detect broken needles in products left over from the production process of sewing products. Special reminder: Needle detector cannot be used in the food industry, because the needle detector mainly relies on physical magnetic field and electromagnetic field to detect magnetic force (the probe of the needle detector is a magnet), the sensitivity of the needle detector will decrease as the magnetism weakens Therefore, the service life of this equipment is shorter. In addition, the needle detector can only detect ferrous metals. Now the market is facing a situation of elimination

3) Aluminum foil metal detector: Mainly used to detect aluminum film or aluminum platinum packaging products. Many medicines and foods in Gonglai's production are packaged with aluminum film or aluminum platinum, which can only be tested with this type of equipment. At present, the technical level of this product is relatively high, and the price is relatively expensive. The general price is more than 300,000 yuan.

Metal detector machine for food industry

The detection of metal impurities in the food industry mainly uses metal detectors. There are two types of metal detectors for food: belt type and pipeline type. The belt type is a conveyor belt. Put the food on the belt and pass the probe if it contains metal impurities, it will alarm and stop or remove it. The pipeline type is mainly a free-falling type, where the food falls freely, and the probe will alarm and then be discharged.

At present, the number of metal detector machines for food is the best in Germany, and foreign products in China are mainly made in Japan. The Japanese have strict requirements on food metals. Most of the domestic products do not meet the requirements of the standards they put forward in Chinese food processing. Some special foods do not meet the requirements even for German products, such as: fresh meat , Pickles, canned food. Some domestic practices that make products qualified are trade secrets and are not convenient to disclose. (The metal detector is based on electromagnetic principle and is easily interfered. The standard of the test block is generally set by the manufacturer.)

SYNDAR metal detector factory is located in a famous manufacturing city in China. It is a professional metal detector, metal detector, metal detector, metal detector, food metal detector, metal separator x ray machine, metal detector machine. A private high-tech enterprise integrating sales and sales. After years of business development and continuous technological innovation, it has become one of the largest metal detector manufacturers in China. SYNDAR relies on high-quality products, excellent technology and perfect service. All over the motherland, and products in the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other international markets. SYNDAR metal detection instrument factory regards users as "God", and always adheres to the policy of "Quality First, Customer Satisfaction, Continuous Improvement, Striving for First-class", and "integrity is my style, quality is my life" as its purpose, strictly in accordance with According to the requirements of the ISO9001 international quality standard system, from product development and design, manufacturing to sales and after-sales service, a set of rigorous quality management and quality assurance systems have been established, and effective market protection measures have been taken to ensure that each user Provide the highest quality products and the most complete service.

Looking forward to the future, SYNDAR will continue to uphold the corporate spirit of "dedication, integrity, integration, and innovation", develop better products, provide better services, and establish a better image. We are willing to cooperate with new and old friends from all walks of life. More extensive cooperation, create brilliant!

SYNDAR warmly welcomes enterprises and institutions to visit, negotiate, and cooperate, and is willing to work with you to create a more brilliant tomorrow!

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