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Metal detectors and factors affecting their detection accuracy

Metal detectors and factors affecting their detection accuracy

Issue Time:2020/10/27

Metal detectors machine and its detection accuracy influencing factors

For some time, the food, candy, tobacco and other industries have adopted a series of measures to improve product quality. However, even in food companies with highly automated production and strict management, the possibility of metal contamination in the production process cannot be completely ruled out. Therefore, if the product is contaminated by metal, the company must use the metal detector for food factory to remove the unqualified products from the production line.

Why use metal detectors machine

A small piece of metal in candy or other food may seriously harm consumers. Therefore, protecting the interests of consumers and establishing a good corporate image is the primary purpose of using metal detectors machine. In addition, a small piece of metal on the production line will also cause serious wear and tear to the company's production equipment, and the maintenance costs of the equipment are very expensive, which will greatly increase the production cost of the company. To

Several factors affecting metal detection

(1) Conversion coil frequency

The transmission frequency of the conversion coil and the size of the metal sheet will directly affect the detection result. To

(2) The phase angle of the conversion coil causes the phase relationship of various metals

Each different metal can produce different detection signals. Therefore, the detection signal can be regarded as a vector, the phase angle represents the metal type, and the vector length represents the size of the metal piece. To

(3) Product effect

If a product can conduct electricity, the product usually has a certain amount of moisture, so it can be said to have a product effect. From the perspective of metal detection technology, this conductive product is no different from metal. To

Sensitivity of metal detectors machine

Due to the different magnetic field distribution, the sensitivity of the metal detectors machine varies. The closer to the centerline, the lower the sensitivity. The center line has the lowest sensitivity, so when testing, the test sample should pass through the center line. To

Factors affecting detection sensitivity

Metal Detection is a relatively complex technology, and its results are affected by many factors. To

1. Detection port size

2. working frequency  

3. Metal type

4. Metal sheet shape

5. External environmental impact

6. Product effect impact

7. Passing method: continuous/intermittent

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