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Metal separator helps plastic utilization

Metal separator helps plastic utilization

October 27,2020

Recycling, turning waste into treasure, improving resource utilization, and reducing pollution are the current development directions. Plastic metal separator provides a separator for separating plastic and metal when recycling plastics, crushed materials, crushed rubber particles, etc. The machine has simple operation, high work efficiency, high sensitivity, durability, easy installation and maintenance, greatly reduces the production cost of the factory, and ensures the quality of the products.

In recent years, customers have paid more and more attention to product safety and high quality. For example, the textile industry requires needle detectors to detect broken needles in products. The food industry requires a metal detector (food plastic metal separator) to detect metal impurities or foreign bodies in food. All these indicate that consumers are not paying attention to product prices, but more concerned about product quality. Look at the news headlines "China is the world's largest producer and consumer of plastic products", "Plastic products industry is the pillar industry of my country's light industry", and "The world's largest consumer of plastics industry". Yes, China is no longer just a big agricultural country. Other industries are occupying a pivotal position. At present, the production of products is operated by machines, and it is inevitable that metal impurities and debris will be mixed in the plastic production.

What harm can metal impurities cause to the machine? 1. Damage to the screw and barrel 2. Block the nozzle and mold runner (hot runner) 3. Increase the pressure of hot oil and block the flow of plastic 4. Metal scratch the mold 5. The finished product contains metal, resulting in short circuit and no insulation 6. Scratch the surface of the finished product.

Therefore, the relative advantages of using plastic-metal separators are 1. Protect production equipment 2. Improve production efficiency 3. Improve raw material utilization 4. Improve product quality 5. Reduce equipment maintenance costs.

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