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Metal separator removes obstacles for drug safety

Metal separator removes obstacles for drug safety

October 27,2020

The safety of drugs has always been widely valued. Due to the improvement of GMP certification requirements in the pharmaceutical industry and the enhancement of product awareness of pharmaceutical companies, the entire process of medicines from the collection of raw materials to the products entering the market must be strictly controlled to ensure the safety of medicines. During the production and processing of drugs, metal powders, particles, and needle-like irregularities are often mixed into the product due to equipment wear, manual negligence, etc., which brings great harm to the safety of drugs, thereby causing pharmaceutical companies The reputation and interests of the company have caused great losses. The wide application of metal detection equipment not only helps pharmaceutical companies effectively solve this problem, but also becomes an indispensable step in the control of the pharmaceutical production process.

The packaging requirements of the metal detection equipment for the product are not to contain metal. However, considering the higher requirements of tightness and light resistance, metal composite film must be used for packaging. The metal composite film itself is metal, so if a channel-type metal detector is used, the detection sensitivity will have a large deviation, or even be unable to detect. In view of the above reasons, you can choose to test before packaging. The metal separator was developed in response to the above situation and is mainly used for the detection of tablets, capsules and granular (plastic particles, etc.) and powdered objects. When these items fall through the metal separator, once metal impurities are detected, the system immediately activates the separation mechanism to eliminate suspicious items. It has the characteristics of simple installation, high sensitivity, convenient maintenance, high efficiency, stability and reliability.

Metal separators are widely used in food, medicine, plastics, chemical and other industries to detect metal impurities in products such as bulk and granular materials. It is understood that the circuit design of the metal separator is more stable and sensitive than traditional detection equipment. The structure is also relatively special, which can effectively avoid vibration, noise, product effects and interference from external factors, so it can "escort" the production and testing of the pharmaceutical industry, thereby meeting the high-precision requirements and standards of drugs.

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