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The application of metal detectors in different industries!

The application of metal detectors in different industries!

October 27,2020

Metal detection equipment can be applied to a wide range of industries, involving industries such as food, medicine, chemicals, and plastics. The products and testing requirements of each industry are different. So choose the metal detectors machine suitable for this industry.

There are many sub-categories in the food industry. In terms of product status, there are generally two types of dry products and wet products. Dry products are easier to detect without moisture. When selecting equipment varieties, conventional products can be used. Choose the corresponding machine type according to the shape of the product. Generally, foods that are packaged in small bags, such as bread, biscuits, and candies, can be transported with metal detectors machine, which can be used in conjunction with the assembly line. Placed at the very end of the production process, and directly enter the warehouse after passing the inspection. For dry granular and powdered products, you need to choose a falling metal separator, and use an automatic separation device to sort cooperative and unqualified products. The drop-type metal separator has a small opening and a higher detection sensitivity relative to the conveying type.

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