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The application of x-ray foreign body detector in the plastics industry also has advantages

The application of x-ray foreign body detector in the plastics industry also has advantages

October 27,2020

x ray inspection equipmen replaces traditional metal detector

Metal detectors can fully play a role in the detection of magnetic and non-magnetic metals. However, for the product inspection of aluminum-coated packaging materials, the role of the metal detector is very limited. When using this type of packaging, only the larger metal can be detected.

Impurities in glass, ceramics, stone and other similar materials can also cause serious problems. In the past 10 to 15 years, X-ray inspection systems have become more and more common in food and pharmaceutical industries. Compared with traditional metal detectors, X-rays have an obvious advantage-X-rays can not only detect foreign objects in various dense materials, but also have higher detection resolution.

In addition to the food industry, x ray inspection equipmen also has advantages in inspection applications in the plastics industry. For example, it can detect impurities that cannot be found in glass, stone or other standard metal detectors in flowing materials, and these impurities often cause machinery Damage. Therefore, the x ray inspection system can guarantee the reliability of quality. .

The typical application of x ray inspection equipmen in the plastics industry includes not only detecting impurities in plastic parts, but also detecting defects such as bubble inclusions or pores, such as overfilled or underfilled plastic parts. Some defects can be detected by X-rays at once. The x ray inspection system can in principle allow inspections in closed shapes and packaging. For users in the plastics industry, the use of X-ray technology for quality inspection is a guarantee of efficiency, speed, economy and quality.

For the responsible production and packaging of industrial products, quality inspection is an indispensable part. The primary task is to ensure the high quality of food and health products and ensure the safety of consumers. In addition, the requirements of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) are not limited to the food or drug/device itself, but also include product packaging. Therefore, if there is any contamination of food and health products, or any type of impurities in the related packaging, it may bring serious consequences to a company. In order to prevent such problems from happening, manufacturers have adopted various detection systems to inspect impurities.

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