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The impact of using food metal detectors on enterprises

The impact of using food metal detectors on enterprises

Issue Time:2020-10-27

The food metal detector can be used in the metal detectors machine of aquatic products, meat products, quick-frozen food, fungus, grain, food additives and other products to help companies improve the pass rate of products and prevent bad products from harming consumers’ health. The equipment also has The following features:

1. The relevant data of equipment detection will be displayed on the equipped LCD screen, which is convenient for users to understand intuitively;

2. Equipped with an intelligent operating system, with a variety of functions to help users better detect;

3. The use of phase adjustment technology can suppress product effects during use;

4. A wide detection range, which can detect impurities in various metal materials such as iron, copper, stainless steel, etc.;

5. Good waterproof, can adapt to work in high temperature, low temperature and humid environment;

6. Equipped with a corresponding alarm system, when there are metal impurities in the inspected object, the equipment will automatically stop and remove the metal impurities.

Food metal detecto is used more and more widely in enterprises, thanks to the equipment's strong detection performance and good cost performance, helping enterprises to reduce the impact of defective products.

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