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The importance of food metal detectors for detecting food

The importance of food metal detectors for detecting food

Issue Time:2020/10/27

Food safety concerns everyone, and its safety affects everyone's heart, so now almost all large food manufacturers have installed food metal detectors. Because in the process of food production, some metal impurities may enter the food. In the actual application process of food and pharmaceutical companies, many of the metal detectors machines cannot perform their tasks well, especially when detecting metals with very low quality or non-magnetic stainless steel. When detecting non-ferrous metals, such as The detection results of copper, brass and low carbon steel are not very satisfactory. Moreover, these inspection machines often use metal balls to test their inspection performance, rather than metal contaminants generated during the production process, such as iron wires, nails, metal shavings or stainless steel.

Many people may not know that those slender iron wires and metal shavings with a diameter smaller than a metal ball cannot be detected. It is these slender and metal shavings that are the biggest threat to product safety. Therefore, those of our factories that use detectors in the production line may not be able to detect the small iron wire. The only solution is to install the latest high-frequency metal detectors machine to truly eliminate metal pollution. Due to technical reasons, the stable operation of the detector cannot be guaranteed, so false alarms often occur. Because the size and packaging materials of each product are different. Generally, it can be done by changing the working frequency of the detector, so a wide-band detector can detect more types of products while ensuring sensitivity.

All in all, the food metal detector can remove the metal impurities contained in the food to the greatest extent in the production enterprise, and fundamentally solve the food production safety problem.

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