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The role of the needle detector in the textile industry is "quality control", which is indispensable!

The role of the needle detector in the textile industry is "quality control", which is indispensable!

Issue Time:2020-10-27

All along, overseas media have reported that needle detectors have found sewing needles and broken needle fragments in clothing exported to Japan. Therefore, the small sewing needles in exported clothing not only bring safety hazards to consumers, but also may cause major international trade disputes. There are needles in the clothes, and the needle problems are not small. For this reason, Zhenjiang Inspection and Quarantine Department specially reminded that exporting clothing must beware of small needles.

Recently, a person from Zhenjiang Inspection and Quarantine Bureau told reporters that sewing needles in exported clothing is not a new problem. Since the 1980s, consumer injuries caused by broken needles in clothing have occurred frequently. In order to strengthen the control of broken needles by the food metal detector machine, the Japanese government began to formally implement it on July 1, 1995. Product Responsibility Law". The so-called production responsibility refers to when the product manufacturer submits a product that is produced, manufactured, imported or has its name stated on the product, because its defect endangers the consumer’s life, physical and mental health or ownership issues, the product manufacturer should provide it for Products are responsible for the harm caused to consumers.


The needles used on clothing are generally divided into hand-stitched needles for manual use and machine needles for sewing machines, and there are other needles for basting or marking. Needlessness is a big deal. There was once a garment manufacturer. After the garments exported to Japan were sold in Japan, consumers found that the needles were broken and complained to the relevant authorities. As a result, the trading company not only lost customers, lost the market and reputation, but also This paid a compensation of 1 million yen, and the factory also faced a series of economic losses such as returns.

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