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What are the different uses of different forms of metal detectors

What are the different uses of different forms of metal detectors

Issue Time:2020-10-27

At present, there are many companies that need to conduct metal impurity detection, and products in different industries have different shapes, sizes, and characteristics. This has led manufacturers to develop a variety of metal detectors machines to meet the needs. What are the different uses of different forms of metal detectors machines?

Conveyor belt metal detectors machine: This is the most widely used equipment at present. The translational conveyor belt can be suitable for placing various types of products for transmission detection. It is especially suitable for the detection needs of packaged products and provides the final product before shipment. an examination. And the equipment has a variety of sensitivity parameter adjustments, which can be suitable for the detection needs of products in different industries!

Pipeline metal detectors machine: mainly used to detect paste and seal pipelines on the assembly line. It is convenient to detect and remove metal impurities in the pipeline, mainly used for the detection of tablets, capsules, granular (plastic particles, etc.), and powdery items!

Falling metal detectors machine: mainly used to detect powdery, small particles and other granular products, currently mainly used in plastics, rubber and other industries! To

Pressure conveying metal detectors machine: Mainly used for pressure conveying assembly lines, products with relatively high pollution requirements. Liquid or viscous items are detected before canning or packaging, which can effectively improve the detection accuracy!

Vacuum conveying metal detectors machine: suitable for vacuum production lines with relatively high production requirements. Such products have relatively high requirements for the use environment and are not used much in the market. They are mainly used in the chemical industry!

Different forms of metal detectors machine have their own scope of application. If you want to bring more suitable applications and more accurate detection accuracy, you need to choose the appropriate detection equipment according to your needs. If you are not sure about your own equipment requirements, please contact us. Can provide you with suitable product suggestions and quotations!

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