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What are the main factors affecting the accuracy of weight selection

What are the main factors affecting the accuracy of weight selection

October 27,2020

The main reasons affecting the weight selection are the following 8 points:


 1. Air flow, such as the fan, air conditioner and wind blowing in the workshop, will all affect the accuracy of the weight selection.


 2. Ground vibration. Due to the high noise in the workshop, the frequent operation of the machine causes ground vibration, and even the uneven ground in some workshops will affect the accuracy of the weight selection.


 3. Temperature, generally high temperature, low temperature, humidity, and extreme stability will also affect the accuracy of weight selection. Under normal circumstances, the suitable working environment for weight selection is -5℃~40℃, relative humidity: 95% (no condensation)


 4. Electrostatic induction. Static electricity will be generated when charged objects or dust approach metal objects. Of course, it will also cause interference or even damage to sensitive weight selection, so prepare anti-static measures in advance.


 5. Radio frequency interference, a variety of radio frequency interference weights to choose another name. Therefore, how to reduce and avoid such radio frequency interference is not only of theoretical significance, but also of engineering value.


 6. The tested product is corrosive, so you can only customize a corrosive weight selection nickname, and communicate with the engineer in detail in the early stage, what kind of material and what kind of process is used for special treatment.


 7. There are omissions in the product, such as omissions due to insufficient sealing of the packaging box. This small phenomenon will also have a certain impact on the accuracy.


 8. Human use error, in which improper use in the production process affects the accuracy of the weight selection, and even damages the weight selection. The most easily damaged is the load cell.


   The above 8 points summarized the reasons for affecting the accuracy of weight selection. Sound after-sales service is another key to our corporate image. With the most complete after-sales service system, in order to meet customer needs in a timely manner, we attach great importance to collecting customer information and making quick feedback to understand customers' opinions on products. Among them, it is an important measure to carry out regular touring services to customers. Choose another name for weight.

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