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What are the main uses of metal separators

What are the main uses of metal separators

October 27,2020

The metal separator is an electronic instrument that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to detect metal. It is divided into channel type, falling type and pipeline type. And the metal separator uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to detect metal. The following will introduce the main uses of the metal separator:

1. What are the uses of the metal separator? The clutch release bearing is a thrust bearing (commonly known as a clutch pin). Its function is to move the pressure plate or drive plate bearing the spring thrust to the direction of the clutch cover when the clutch pedal is stepped on That is to say, when the clutch pedal is stepped on, the release lever is tilted to overcome the thrust of the pressure plate spring to complete the separation of the clutch.

2. The clutch release lever rotates with the pressure plate, while the operating mechanism linked with the clutch pedal cannot rotate. In order to adapt to the different motion conditions between the two, thrust bearings are used to reduce friction and wear.

3. If the release bearing loses its sliding effect due to lack of oil, it will not only produce abnormal noise, but also aggravate the Al loss of the force point of the release lever, and the effective range of the clutch pedal starting pressure plate will become smaller and smaller. When the clutch plate and the pressure plate are not completely separated, the gear shift will produce abnormal noise. The wear of the separation lever will cause the pressure plate to start unevenly or incompletely. The drive and the follower are mutually involved, and finally the gear cannot be shifted.

In summary, we know what are the uses of metal separators. Metal separators can also be used in the plastics industry and other loose granular raw materials, feed, recycled plastics, and nozzle materials recovery processing industries, and the metal separators are equipped with strong magnets. It can increase the detection accuracy, quickly remove all kinds of magnetic and non-magnetic metal impurities in plastics and loose granular raw materials, and solve problems for smooth production.

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