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What are the operating procedures for metal detectors

What are the operating procedures for metal detectors

Issue Time:2020/10/27

At present, many industries need to detect metal impurities in products, so metal detectors machine is a necessary equipment for many manufacturers, and the accuracy of detection has a lot to do with the equipment and operation. What are the operating procedures for metal detectors?

Metal detectors machine operating procedures:

Boot preparation: Before booting, check that the conveyor belt is not cleaned, whether there are obstacles or contaminants, otherwise these substances will affect the detection accuracy of the equipment, then turn on the power and let the equipment warm up for 30 minutes!

Sensitivity setting: The detection requirements of products in different industries are different, and the effects produced by different products are different. These factors will affect the subsequent detection accuracy, so the sensitivity of the metal detectors machine must be set before use, and use Standard test block (Fe: Φ less than 1.5mm, SUS: Φ less than 3.0mm) is tested, and it is normal if it fails!

Sensitivity calibration:

. Standard test block detection: place two test blocks in the left, middle, and right places of the conveyor belt in turn, and the metal detectors machine should all alarm and stop running (3 times for each test block); . Simulated metal detection: respectively Put two

The upper and lower parts of the test block put the product through the left, middle and right three positions of the detector conveyor belt. The detector should be able to alarm and stop running (6 times for each test block). If the metal detectors machine can alarm and stop running every time it is tested, it means that the sensitivity of the equipment is qualified and the product can be tested!

product testing:

After all the procedures in the current period are completed, the product can be put into the product for testing. If it can pass without alarm, the product is qualified; if the metal detectors machine buzzes and stops operating, it is suspected that the product is mixed with metal foreign objects. For unqualified products, repeat the test 3 times. If there is no alarm for 3 times, it can pass, but if there is any alarm, it is suspected that there is a metal foreign body in the product for the next step!

The above are the general operating procedures of metal detectors machine. Reasonable and standardized operating procedures can greatly improve the accuracy of detection. SYNDAR is currently able to provide high-precision metal detectors machine equipment for various industries. Customers in need are welcome to contact us!

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