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What is the principle of x-ray generation

What is the principle of x-ray generation

October 27,2020

X-ray is an electromagnetic wave with a short wavelength and huge energy. It can penetrate materials with different densities. It differs according to the penetration ability of the atomic gap. This is also the core of the current x-ray detection equipment using x-ray identification and analysis. .

The method of X-ray generation is very simple. It is to accelerate the electrons to hit the metal target. During the collision, the electrons suddenly decelerate. During this sudden deceleration, the lost kinetic energy (the law of conservation of physics) will be released in the form of photons. , Is called braking radiation.

During the movement of electrons, the greater the voltage, the greater the energy it carries, and the greater the spectral characteristic line it releases.

The electrons carry high energy. When bombarding the metal sheet, the speed of the electrons will drop sharply during the process of impacting the metal. At this time, the high-energy electrons will radiate electromagnetic waves. When the high-energy electrons have sufficient power, such as tens of thousands of volts, they can release x-rays. This is the principle of x-ray generation.

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