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What is the reason why the sensitivity of the metal detector is not up to the standard in the use process

What is the reason why the sensitivity of the metal detector is not up to the standard in the use process

Issue Time:2020-10-27

In order to detect metal impurities more accurately, the current metal detectors machine have high sensitivity, but some users have incorrect sensitivity during use. What is the reason why the sensitivity of the metal detectors machine is not up to the standard during use?

In order to provide product safety and factory pass rate, there are accurate requirements for the detection accuracy of equipment, especially in the applications of food, medicine, chemical industry, plastics and other industries, the sensitivity of metal detectors machine is extremely high. The following conditions will affect the detection sensitivity of the device:

1. At present, metal detectors machines have a variety of detection methods, using digital dual-frequency, digital single-frequency, analog and other different detection methods, and their corresponding detection sensitivity is also different;

2. The size of the detection port of the equipment will also affect the sensitivity. The smaller the detection port, the higher the sensitivity; similarly, the smaller the contact surface of the test item and the detection probe, the higher the detection accuracy;

3. In addition to the factors of the equipment itself, the characteristics of the inspected objects should also be considered, because the product effect is an important factor that affects the sensitivity of the metal detectors machine, such as packaging material, temperature, shape, and water content will have a greater impact on the product effect In this case, the sensitivity should be adjusted according to different situations;

4. In addition to equipment and product factors, pay attention to the use environment of the metal detectors machine. If there are metal, magnetism, vibration and other factors around the environment, it will cause certain interference to the detection of the equipment, resulting in a situation where the sensitivity is not up to standard. Is to be avoided;

The above is SYNDAR explaining several factors that affect the sensitivity of the metal detectors machine. During the purchase and use of the equipment, we will also let the technicians conduct all-round explanations and training so that you can be more familiar with the equipment. Industry-customized exclusive metal detection equipment solutions, welcome customers in need to contact us!

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