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What is a laser marking machine? How to classify laser marking machines?

What is a laser marking machine? How to classify laser marking machines?

March 3,2021
Laser machine is the general term for laser engraving machine, laser cutting machine and laser marking machine.

Here we focus on laser marking machines: laser marking machines (multi-finger industrial applications) or laser inkjet printers (multi-finger packaging applications) use laser beams to make permanent marks on the surface of various materials. The effect of marking is to expose the deep material through the evaporation of the surface material, or to "carve" traces through the chemical and physical changes of the surface material caused by light energy, or to burn off part of the material through light energy to show the required etching Patterns, text.

At present, there are two recognized principles: "Heat processing" has a higher laser beam (it is a concentrated energy flow), which is irradiated on the surface of the processed material, and the surface of the material absorbs the laser energy to produce a thermal excitation process in the irradiated area. , So that the temperature of the material surface (or coating) rises, causing phenomena such as metamorphosis, melting, ablation, and evaporation. "Cold working" (ultraviolet) photons with very high load energy can break the chemical bonds in the material (especially organic materials) or the surrounding medium to cause the material to undergo non-thermal process damage. This kind of cold processing is of special significance in laser marking processing, because it is not thermal ablation, but cold peeling that does not produce the side effects of "thermal damage" and breaks chemical bonds, so it has no effect on the inner layer and nearby areas of the processed surface. Produce heating or thermal deformation.

Marking method: The object can be static or dynamic.

Laser marking machine classification: According to different lasers, it can be divided into: CO2 laser marking machine, YAG laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine.

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