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The difference between dynamic checkweigher and static checkweigher

The difference between dynamic checkweigher and static checkweigher

March 5,2021
Checkweigher is a kind of automatic checkweighing equipment widely used in the production line of pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries. It can detect overweight and underweight unqualified products in the production line in real time online. The weighing methods of weighing equipment are divided into dynamic and static weighing methods. What is the difference between them, let's understand together below:

The dynamic checkweigher means that the object's motion state does not need to be changed, and it is weighed quickly in the course of action. It is a complex equipment with high technical content. It is carried out in the state of motion, and its weighing accuracy is high, and the weighing speed is fast, but its accuracy is slightly lower than that of static weighing. At present, the weighing accuracy of our dynamic checkweigher is as high as +-0.1g.

The static checkweigher means that the weighing object is stationary relative to the measuring device, and the weighing object is measured after the object is stable. Static weighing is carried out in a static state, and its weighing accuracy is high, but the weighing speed is slower than that of dynamic weighing.

Nowadays, the combination of dynamic and static check weighing equipment with production and sales has attracted the attention of all walks of life, and the market demand has gradually increased. Users can choose the checkweigher that suits them according to their actual weighing needs.

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