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Several matters needing attention in daily operation of checkweigher

Several matters needing attention in daily operation of checkweigher

March 22,2021
Checkweigher is a kind of weighing and sorting equipment with high precision and fast speed. It has simple structure, clear reading, convenient use, and humanized design, which can replace manual weighing and sorting and improve efficiency. Checkweigher is mainly used in automatic packaging production lines or logistics conveying systems. It can detect unqualified products in continuous production lines, and has functions such as product classification and statistics according to settings, and is used to detect individual products Whether the weight is consistent with the set target, the sorting device automatically rejects the unqualified products. The SYNDAR checkweigher reminds everyone that the daily operation of the checkweigher needs to pay attention to the following items.


  Daily operation of checkweigher should pay attention to:
   1. Please check whether the detectors of each part are normal before daily production.
  2. Please check whether there is any abnormal situation in each part of the dynamic checkweigher before starting up, or if there is a person or object obstructing the operation of the checkweigher itself, if there is, please clear or eliminate it.
  3. The basic power supply used by the dynamic checkweigher system is single-phase AC220V, 50HZ. Please confirm when supplying power to avoid danger.
   4. Non-trained personnel, please do not carry out repairs at will. If you need to repair, please find trained and professional personnel. Please pay attention to safety when repairing.
   5. If the checkweigher is abnormal during operation, follow the normal operating instructions and eliminate the abnormality according to the troubleshooting methods in the instructions. Do not eliminate the abnormality without stopping the machine or turning off the power supply.
  6. ​​Please pay attention to whether there is any abnormal noise during the operation of the dynamic checkweigher. If so, please handle it to avoid damage to the mechanical equipment.
  7. Routine cleaning and maintenance work on the checkweigher should be carried out on a regular basis every day to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

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