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Work flow and application place of weight sorting machine

Work flow and application place of weight sorting machine

March 25,2021
The weight sorting machine is also called check weighing, check weighing machine, automatic sorting machine, weight sorting machine, weight check The integration of production line and conveying system is mainly used for online inspection of product weight and inspection of missing parts in the whole box.
  The weight sorting machine is usually composed of a conveying mechanism, a sorting mechanism, and a weighing mechanism. The weighing mechanism completes the collection of the weight signal and sends the weight signal to the control box for processing. The conveying mechanism mainly increases the speed to ensure that there is sufficient spacing between products. The sorting mechanism is used to reject the unqualified products that have been tested.

Weight sorting machine

  The working process of the weight sorting machine:
   weighing process
  1. Weighing module: The weighing tray is the core module of the weight sorting machine. The structural design and installation accuracy directly affect the detection accuracy of the system.
2. Speed ​​matching module: transfer the measured object to the weighing mechanism to extend the distance between two connected products to ensure that two products will not appear on the weighing tray at the same time to achieve stable and accurate weighing of the product , To ensure measurement accuracy.
  3. Weight sorting module: The weight sorting module is the actuator of the weight sorting machine, which is composed of a conveying part, a pneumatic valve, and a hopper. Complete the rejection and sorting of the unqualified part of the object. The rejection method can be set to blow, push rod, shift rod, drop and other methods.

   report feedback
The weight sorting machine has a weight signal feedback function. Usually the average weight of a set number of products is fed back to the controller of the packaging/filling/canning machine. The control box will dynamically adjust the feeding amount to make the average weight of the product more Close to the target value.
In addition to the feedback function of the weight sorting machine, the checkweigher can also provide a wealth of report functions, such as the number of packages per zone, the total amount of each zone, the qualified quantity, the qualified total, the average value, the standard deviation, the total quantity and the total accumulation.
  Which places is the weight sorter suitable for?
SYNDAR checkweigher supplier weight sorting machine is mainly used for online dynamic weighing of products in automated packaging lines. It can detect products with unqualified weights during continuous work, and can automatically classify and count products. .

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