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Brief introduction to the function of checkweigher

Brief introduction to the function of checkweigher

April 5,2021
Checkweigher is a kind of more efficient, intelligent and convenient weighing and screening equipment. The application of checkweigher saves a lot of manpower, improves efficiency, and avoids self-weight loss due to excessive packaging or customer complaints due to insufficient weight. By using the SYNDAR company's high-speed dynamic weight reading method to detect the weight of products on the production line, the checkweigher can accurately detect unqualified products on a continuous production line, and perform online and offline judgment or automatic weight sorting control.

SYNDAR's checkweigher can perform the following inspections:

1. Detect the weight of a single product: For example, in industries such as food, beverages, and pharmaceuticals, a single product has specifications. For these specifications, the weight can be measured to determine whether the product meets the standard. The checkweigher can dynamically detect the weight of the product and can quickly do it. Make a response to ensure the quality of products of different specifications.

2. Quantity of products tested: A single product is retail, and multiple products are wholesale. Different sales channels have different product packaging specifications. There are quantitative restrictions on the packaging of boxes, bags, and boxes, and more manufacturers will suffer losses. Less customers will complain. If you want to guarantee the number of product packaging, you need to use a checkweigher, which can monitor the number of product packaging and eliminate defective products in time.

3. Product quality inspection: In the quality management system, product weighing compliance is one of the main standards for product quality requirements, and the checkweigher is a weighing equipment that detects whether the product weight meets the standard, which can ensure the quality of the product.

4. Product safety testing: For some electrical appliances that use electricity, they are composed of many components, and one less component may have potential safety hazards. This problem can be found by using a weighing machine to detect the weight of the finished product, which can avoid the potential safety hazards of defective products entering the market.

5. Testing product packaging accessories: Many products are packaged with accessories, such as food with desiccant, pharmaceutical and cosmetics instructions, beverages with straws, etc. If these accessories are missing, it will cause unnecessary users Trouble, some products may have safety hazards. The dynamic checkweigher can detect the weight of the product, and can also detect whether the product lacks packaging accessories, so products with packaging accessories also need to be monitored by a checkweigher.

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