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Precautions for Maintenance of Checkweigher

Precautions for Maintenance of Checkweigher

April 21,2021
Checkweigher is a kind of automatic checkweighing machine widely used in production lines of pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries. It can detect overweight and underweight unqualified products in the production line in real time online. When the checkweigher fails, there are some points to pay attention to. The following will introduce specific precautions for checkweigher maintenance.

1. The scale of the case scale is 1/3000~1/50000, its sensitivity is very high, it is necessary to choose the use grade, the national legal identification is 1/3000. The sensor used should be C3 grade.

2. The upper and lower brackets of the sensor must be installed accurately and in place.

3. The sensor of the case scale has a small capacity and a small volume, so the force should be light when disassembling and assembling to protect the sensor.

4. Some special case scales have their own unique structure, so the requirements must be guaranteed. The sealant sleeve should be encapsulated in good condition, and the main circuit board may be coated with waterproof glue, and some are used to silica gel.

5. Some special failures, such as abnormal display, random code jumps, etc., are likely to be caused by simple reasons such as battery voltage drop, and the disk rubs against the shell, so be careful when checking.

The checkweigher adds a sound alarm module to the electronic scale. When the user puts the items that exceed the load of the electronic scale on the electronic scale, an alarm will be issued. The product weighs that the user weighs now exceeds the range, and the light will give a different color alarm once to remind the user.

Checkweighers are measuring tools. Non-professionals cannot disassemble and assemble at will. If abnormal conditions are found and cannot be used normally, they must be reported for repair in time. Professionals are required to conduct inspections and repairs. Do not disassemble or assemble parts by yourself.

The checkweigher is a very precise machine. There are many problems in the maintenance process that require our attention, otherwise it will affect the operation and accurate weight of the checkweigher. If you have some unsolvable problems while repairing the checkweigher, you can get some related solutions by contacting us.

As a professional manufacturer of check weighing systems, our checkweigher is of high quality, and the accuracy of checkweighing can be as low as 0.05g. While ensuring product weight and safety, it can also achieve extremely high output.If you want to buy our checkweigher, please contact us immediately!

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