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Common Faults and Treatment Methods of Checkweigher

Common Faults and Treatment Methods of Checkweigher

April 28,2021

The checkweigher realizes high-speed and high-precision weight detection under the dynamic conditions of the production line and automatically sorts out the equipment of too light or heavy products, allow products to achieve accurate weight to achieve weight control. Thereby greatly improving product quality and optimizing production processes. When the checkweigher fails, we must check and deal with it in time. Then the following are some common faults and treatment methods of checkweighers.

The checkweigher machine weighs inaccurately

(1) Check whether other objects touch the weighing tray.

(2) Whether the equipment is calibrated, it can be re-calibrated.

(3) Whether there is a wind blowing against the equipment.

(4) Compare whether the static weighing is consistent with the dynamic weighing, if not, it can be corrected by "dynamic learning".

Checkweigher reject device does not operate

(1) First check whether the power supply is connected properly.

(2) The power supply is normal, and then click the corresponding "reject port" in the fault detection to see if it works.

(3) If it does not work, check whether the correct rejection port is selected in the ejection port.

The static weighing of the checkweigher does not match the dynamic weighing

The weight of an object is in static and dynamic states, and the weighed result itself has errors, which can be corrected by "dynamic learning".

Checkweigher conveyor belt does not run

(1) When all checkweigher conveyor belts are not running: check the power supply.

(2) When one or two stages are not running: you can check whether the motor is driving well by reversing the motor and driver.

Checkweigher conveyor belt problem

(1) If the equipment has abnormal operation or deviations in accuracy and speed, please check whether the consumable parts conveyor belt is cracked.

(2) Check that the conveyor belt has no deflection. If there is any deflection, adjust the adjustment devices on both sides until the belt has no deflection.

Accuracy and speed issues

(1) Check whether the conveyor belt is cracked or deflected. For such problems, the conveyor belt can be replaced or adjusted to the normal position before testing.

(2) Check the operation interface to see if the parameter settings are correct; for parameter setting problems, you can reset the value to be set according to the manual, and perform 10 times with the measured product to check whether the accuracy is stable.

Failure caused by non-equipment factors

A comprehensive inspection is necessary for sudden environmental changes, abnormal power supplies caused by lightning or abnormal voltages, equipment drops, shocks, and accidents that are not directly caused by normal use.

The checkweigher is a very precise instrument, so when dealing with the checkweigher failure, we need to pay attention to many things. If the above methods are not very helpful to you, you can contact us for more relevant information and solutions. And we also produce high-quality checkweigher products that can meet your purchasing needs.

We are a professional manufacturer of checkweighing and weighing systems. We have rich experience and can provide high-quality equipment. We have been committed to innovation in product checkweighing, food checkweighing and safety testing in all industries, and we can also develop effective solutions according to your needs. If you want to buy our high-quality checkweigher, please contact us immediately!

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