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Daily operation process of automatic checkweigher

Daily operation process of automatic checkweigher

May 15,2021
As the automatic checkweigher is used in more and more places, the number of operators will increase. However, there are still many people who do not know the use of the automatic checkweigher. Today, the editor will tell you about the daily operation process of the automatic checkweigher. I hope this article can help you!

Daily operation process of automatic checkweigher:

When starting the checkweigher, turn on the main power supply first, and then close the isolating switch of the checkweigher.

Start the checkweigher and observe whether the self-checking process of the checkweigher can enter the main operation interface, with or without alarm information.

Start the checkweigher belt and observe whether the checkweigher works normally. (Whether the belt can run, whether the belt runs at the center of the roller shaft).
Observe whether the current product on the main interface of the automatic checkweigher is the product currently to be produced. If not, please replace it with the correct product.

Daily production performance verification of automatic checkweigher.

In the actual production process, the product spacing must be ensured (only after the current product has been completely out of the weighing section platform, the following products can enter the weighing section platform), that is, only one product is allowed to exist on the weighing section platform .

After the production is over, the belt of the automatic checkweigher must be stopped first, and the power supply of the automatic checkweigher shall be turned off after waiting for 5 minutes. Then turn off the main power supply.

Note: After the automatic checkweigher is powered off, it takes 5 minutes before it can be powered on again.

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