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Seven Advantages of Checkweighers

Seven Advantages of Checkweighers

May 10,2021

The automatic checkweigher is a device that can inspect the weight of the product according to the preset weight. When the weighed item is not within the set weight range, the checkweigher can automatically detect and fail The products are rejected. The following are the seven advantages of automatic checkweighers.

Automatic checkweigher can control costs and obtain greater profits

If the cost is high, the profit will be reduced. If there is no equipment to achieve the weight control of the product, there will be inconsistencies, resulting in high raw material costs. The investment in the checkweigher systems may be high in the early stage, but in the later stage, the benefits can be obtained in two or three months or even a few weeks.

Guarantee high qualified rate to the limit, win the trust of consumers

The pass rate of the product determines the reputation of consumers. The high accuracy of the checkweigher machine can ensure that the product meets the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, can meet the relevant internal requirements, and meet the industry standards.

Fully automated checkweighing, saving manpower

In the past, static balances were used for sampling inspection. Manual sampling inspection was too inefficient and had too much error. Relatively speaking, automated online weighing solved the disadvantages of manual sampling, and the highlight was to reduce labor costs.

Reduce waste and increase production

Waste is inevitable in the process of processing raw materials, but we must try to reduce the waste of raw materials as much as possible. The high-precision checkweigher scale can sort unqualified products according to the system parameters to reduce waste as much as possible, so as to achieve production with less raw materials. More products.

Automatic statistics

The online checkweigher realizes automatic statistics and storage of product data, and can count a variety of different products without conflicts.

Reduce false rejection rate and avoid rework

Strict weight deviation requirements require continuous improvement of production quality, thereby reducing product waste and rework. Effectively reduce and control the false rejection rate, the online checkweigher has higher accurate weight requirements, and the weight division requirements are more reasonable.

Meet the strict requirements of customers

As a tool for the repeatability of the inspection process, the online
checkweigher conveyor is an important factor in meeting the strict requirements of customers.

The function of the automatic checkweigher is to ensure that the weighed weight of the item is consistent with the actual weight, and can detect mass-produced and packaged items, avoiding unqualified products from entering the market and protecting the interests of consumers. If you want to know more about the checkweigher after reading the above content, you can contact us for related solutions.

As a professional manufacturer of checkweighing and inspection systems, we have many years of manufacturing experience. We are committed to innovation in product checkweighing, food checkweighing and safety testing in all industries. And we can also develop a comprehensive solution according to your needs. If you want to buy our high-quality checkweigher, please contact us immediately!

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