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What Are the Advantages of the Online Checkweigher in the Application of the Pharmaceutical Industry?

What Are the Advantages of the Online Checkweigher in the Application of the Pharmaceutical Industry?

November 23,2021
the advantages of online checkweighers in the pharmaceutical industry
As we all know, the online checkweigher is very important in the packaging weight control of many industries, especially the food and pharmaceutical industries. It can ensure that the interests of manufacturers and consumers are protected. For example, in the pharmaceutical industry, manufacturers should abide by national regulations to ensure the accuracy of the weight data of the raw materials and ingredients of the tested product.

The online checkweigher can check the difference in the amount of weight of the drug with the indicated amount or the weight within the specified weight. It can also determine whether the packaging or sub-packaging is missing or multiple pieces according to the test value, and directly install it in the production process Exclude preparations or medicines that fail to pass the quantity or weight inspection. The followings are the application advantages of online checkweighers in the pharmaceutical industry.

1. Improve accuracy and ensure completeness

The data accuracy of the online checkweigher to check the weight of drugs is a very important checkweighing link in the automated production line. The online checkweigher can accurately eliminate unqualified pill box products on the production line to ensure the integrity and weight of the tablets. The accuracy of the checkweigher within the weighing range of 100g can be controlled at about ±0.1g, which satisfies most applications in the checkweighing range of small-range products.

2. Strictly fulfill regulatory obligations

The pharmaceutical industry is closely related to people's health and needs to strictly fulfill national regulatory obligations to ensure the integrity and weight information of tablets. Therefore, online checkweighers are indispensable weighing equipment in the checkweighing process of automated production lines.

3. Adapt to automated production lines

The online checkweigher can be easily integrated into automated production lines of different weights according to the weight and size of the product. The modular design of the online checkweigher is convenient for after-sales maintenance and assembly; standard 10-inch TFT full touch screen, humanized interface design, easy to operate.

4. Powerful data management capabilities

The online checkweigher can visually view the product checkweighing and weight distribution, and facilitate the debugging of product weight data. It can store 1 million checkweighing data, real-time statistics of the checkweighing data results, and provide USB export data or print output, which is convenient for data analysis and management.

The online checkweigher has many advantages in the automatic production line. Choosing the online checkweigher will increase the speed and accuracy of the automatic production line checkweighing, reduce labor costs, and make the production line run efficiently. If you want to know more about the online checkweigher after reading the above, you can get a comprehensive solution by contacting us.

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