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Checkweighers - What You Need to Know?

Checkweighers - What You Need to Know?

April 1,2022
Every industry has to make sure that the weight of the product they send out is accurate. Checkweighers are popular among merchants because of their efficiency and accuracy. Let's take a brief look at the use of check weighers.

What is a checkweigher?

Checkweighers can be used to weigh items automatically or manually. If the process is automated on a production line, check weighers can verify that items are the correct weight and sort them accordingly.

Why check weighing is important?

If the product is heavier than expected, the business will give away additional products. Not weighing your product may also result in customers getting less than the specified quantity. The weight of each product should match the weight and description specified on the label. Checkweighers can help ensure product weights are correct and businesses comply with regulations.

Which industries use checkweighers?

Checkweighers are most commonly used in the food industry, where many products are sold by weight. However, they can be used for quality control in many industries.

Examples of items that can be weighed with a checkweigher include:


 Checkweighers can identify contaminants and optimize your plant at all stages of the production process so that it helps you reduce operating costs, and make your products meet specified standards.


Checkweighers enable suppliers to handle volumes now common in the e-commerce and shipping logistics industries. They are suitable for all kinds of packages in all sizes. Less sorting and weighing time means faster delivery of packages


Checkweighers provide precise weighing that can accurately verify product integrity. They are so precise that they can detect the slightest change in weight. For pharmaceuticals, this is critical, as it means products that lack instructions for use can be removed before distribution. They can also be equipped with lid open detection to help remove skewed or improperly closed products. Once the system detects these issues, the checkweigher can remove the product in question, avoiding dangerous consequences for consumers and product recalls that could damage a brand's reputation.

There are many reasons to use a checkweigher:

1. Check for packages that are full or under-filled

2. Validate product counts by weight checking for missing components in packaging

3. Reduce product giveaways by determining filler adjustments

4. Meet FDA reporting standards

5. Ensure products meet customer or agency specifications/regulations

At present, syndar automatic check weigher has been applied to the production lines of many well-known health food companies to achieve online high-speed and high-precision weighing of products, automatically reject unqualified products, and ensure that the net content of the products it produces meets the standards. If you have any needs related to check weighers, please contact us.

Syndar is the premier check weighing and inspection systems manufacturer and supplier, it has been focusing on innovations in food packaging, weighing, and quality inspection and control. We always ensure the stable performance of the testing equipment it sells to customers. All products are based on ISO 9001 quality management system and strict quality control. This commitment always ensures the highest standards without errors or exceptions. We can also choose or customize products for you according to your industry and your needs to meet all the needs of users.

Syndar has been focusing on innovations in food packaging, weighing, and quality inspection and control. Experienced and aggressive employees

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