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High resolution X-ray inspection system

High resolution X-ray inspection system

High resolution X-ray inspection system
High resolution X-ray inspection systemHigh resolution X-ray inspection systemHigh resolution X-ray inspection systemHigh resolution X-ray inspection systemHigh resolution X-ray inspection system
Categoriesx ray inspection equipment
ModelNJ series
Maximum tube voltage of inline x ray machine90KV
in line x ray inspection maximum tube current0.12mA
Focal spot size5um
x ray inspection machine speed20fps
x ray inspection system resolution1124*1000
Update Time2021-12-02
Detail Information
Using High resolution X-ray inspection system, you can:
x ray food inspection systems adopt digital flat panel detectors and X-ray integrated digital image capture technology.
The powerful software measurement function greatly improves the inspection efficiency.
inline x ray inspection inspection area: 24''×17.5 (680×540mm).

Advantages of High resolution X-ray inspection system:
High resolution X-ray inspection system is SYNDAR's new online industrial digital x ray inspection system, which uses a combination of high resolution enhanced screen and sealed microfocus X-ray tube.

The real time x ray inspection system has a higher tube voltage (closed tube, 90-130KV).
automated x ray inspection ray has stronger penetrating power, higher resolution.
The automated x ray inspection system can penetrate thicker samples or denser samples.
Device model
NJ series
NJ launch tube
Light pipe type
Closed X-ray tube
Maximum tube voltage
Maximum tube current
Focal spot size
Geometric magnification: 15× system magnification: 1000X

60° tilt of detector
Cabinet specifications
Stage size
Length: 1360mm, width 1685mm, height 1630mm
Equipment net weight
Input voltage
AC110-220V (±10%) (international power supply method)
X-ray leakage
operating system
Total power
Features of Glass X-ray inspection:
x ray inspection systems electronics through X-ray non-destructive fluoroscopy inspection, real-time observation of clear pictures.
Industrial x ray inspection services can make the inspection process easier by installing CNC components.
x ray inspection system manufacturers use higher image magnification X6600, G1500X.
X-ray inspection equipment can detect metal and non-metal foreign objects inside plastic products in real time, such as plastic toys and tires.
Can accurately detect whether automotive electronic products are complete and bridged, such as BGA bridge, BGA open circuit.
It has a wide range of applications and can meet the needs of many industries, including, for example, the integrity of LED lights and foreign body inspection.
The X-ray machine safety system can detect whether electrical and mechanical components, such as machine shaft parts, gear parts, and machine tool rails, are complete.
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