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Portable x ray baggage scanner

Portable x ray baggage scanner

Portable x ray baggage scanner
Portable x ray baggage scannerPortable x ray baggage scannerPortable x ray baggage scannerPortable x ray baggage scannerPortable x ray baggage scanner
CategoriesX-Ray Baggage Scanner
Security x ray machine channel size1000 (width) × 800 (height) mm
conveyor belt speed0.22m/s
Rated load of conveyor belt230 kg
XL ray sensor photodiode array detector (energy)depth 12bit
x ray security scanner resolution0.101mm metal wire
Update TimeFebruary 2,2023
Detail Information
Use Portable x ray baggage scanner, you can:
The minimum value that glass x ray inspection can detect is 0.28mm.
in line x ray inspection supports remote control, which is more convenient to use.
With analysis function, image storage, printable report.

Portable x ray baggage scanner advantages:
Small security X-ray machine is SYNDAR's new x ray baggage inspection system. The high penetration of x ray inspection definition shows that the dark area is improved in the image contrast, so it is easier to penetrate the area.

x ray machine security scanner can customize other functional modules according to customer needs
x ray baggage inspection equipment can save any image, save the image in real time, and the image can be arbitrary, continuous work storage.
Hi scan x ray inspection system has enhanced the contour edge of the object more obviously.
SYNDAR is a professional manufacturer of security x ray machine. The price of x ray inspection system has obvious advantages in the market.
Channel size
500 (width) × 300 height mm
Conveyor speed
Conveyor belt rated load
0.0787mm diameter metal wire
10mm steel plate
Passing rate
Penetration resolution
0.254 mm diameter
Spatial resolution
Horizontal: 1.3mm diameter Vertical: 1.3 mm diameter
Film safety
Safe for ISO1600 film
X-ray generator:
Beam direction
Tube current
0.4~1.2mA (adjustable)
Tube voltage
80KV (adjustable)
Ray beam divergence angle
Cooling/working cycle
Sealed oil cooling/100%
Use environment:
Working temperature/humidity
0℃~45℃/20%~95% (non-condensing)
Storage temperature/humidity
‘-20℃~60℃/20%~95% (non-condensing)
Operating Voltage
Power loss
0.8KW-1.0KW (maximum)
Noise level
Features of Glass X-ray inspection:
The baggage inspection x ray machine can detect some substances, such as phosphorus, iodide, such as lead, zinc sulfide, and X-rays, which change visible light into visible light.
Image display / pull 20 pictures before and after, the image can be any image processing. Can also be saved as x ray baggage inspection system pdf
The pictures of x ray machine for baggage are directly stored in the hard disk, and the storage quantity is more than 200,000, which can be directly recalled and viewed.
It can detect foreign objects in plastics in luggage, such as toys.
It can be used in the express logistics industry to specifically detect whether the package contains prohibited items.
It can be used in airport security x ray machine, high-speed railway station, subway station, passenger station, concert, stadium, etc. luggage security x ray machine
It can be used in clothing, shoes, hats, food and other specific industries to detect metal foreign bodies.
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