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Washing type automatic industrial checkweigher

Washing type automatic industrial checkweigher

Washing type automatic industrial checkweigher
Washing type automatic industrial checkweigherWashing type automatic industrial checkweigherWashing type automatic industrial checkweigherWashing type automatic industrial checkweigherWashing type automatic industrial checkweigher
CategoriesOnline automatic checkweigher
Automatic checkweigher display scalecheck weigher range: 1-1000g;
Check weighing accuracy±0.5-0.8g;
checkweigher reject systemair blowing type, push rod type
checkweigher reject systemlever type, up and down flap optional;
Checkweigher machine checkweighing section numberstandard 2 sections, optional 3 sections;
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Update TimeDecember 4,2022
Detail Information
Use Washing type automatic checkweigher, you can:
Maximum productivity of check weigher: 250 packs/min
The checkweigher conveyor adopts a specially developed belt body and belt quick change system.
The checkweigher system uses frequency conversion to control the motor, and the speed can be adjusted as required

Washing type automatic checkweigher advantage:
Washing type automatic checkweigher is a new checkweighers for sale sold by SYNDAR company. The checkweigher design can withstand the cleaning of various detergents, inhibit the growth of bacteria on the surface, and help reduce the overall risk of contamination.

7-inch high-definition touch screen can provide convenient operation, intuitive multi-language screen
Online weight check machine can effectively separate unqualified products according to the product definition and optional reject device
Checkweigher design can improve long-term stability and the service life of the entire equipment
Product number
Display index
Checkweighing range
1- 1000g
2- 1000g
2- 1000g
Checkweighing accuracy
± 0.5- 0.8g
± 0.5- 1g
± 0.8- 3g
Weighing section size
L 350mm*W 300mm
L:400mm*W 300mm
L 400mm*W 300mm
Applicable product size
Weighing control system
Use SYNDAR weighing controller system V1.15
Belt speed
20-50 kinds
Rejection device
Air blowing type, push rod type, lever type, up and down flaps are optional;
Number of checkweighing sections
Standard 2 sections, optional 3 sections;
Standard technical parameters
checkweigher scales power supply: standard single-phase AC200~240V, 50/60Hz, 0.4KW, optional three-phase AC380V, 50/60Hz, 0.4KW
Air source: dry 0.5~0.8MPa (5~8bar)
Temperature: Operating temperature: 0℃~40℃, storage temperature: -20℃~60℃
Humidity: 10~90%RH, no condensation
Protection level: IP30, IP54, IP65 optional
Noise: ≤75db
Machine weight: ≈60kg
Industrial checkweigher working height: 750±50mm (confirm when ordering other heights)
checkweigher load cell: aluminum, stainless steel optional
Roller: Aluminum
Structure: stainless steel 304,
Conveyor belt: white, food grade, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)
Product size chart
Features of Glass X-ray inspection:
The in motion checkweigher can easily achieve high-speed, high-precision weighing, with an accuracy of up to 0.5g, and can be used in food production lines that require strict sanitary control.
The verified overall structure design of checkweigher equipment improves the stability of long-term operation and the service life of the entire equipment
SYNDAR checkweighers for sale is a waterproof and dustproof stainless steel housing, suitable for wet and harsh environments, and supports most corrosive detergents and high-pressure cleaning.
The dynamic weighing scale can be used for seafood product lines that require strict sanitation control.
The checkweigher load cell can classify chilled products of different specifications, such as frozen chicken and chicken wings of different weights.
conveyor belt checkweigher scale is suitable for washing after beef/pork checkweigher work
The checkweigher high speed simplifies cleaning and maintenance, and the conveyor belt is very easy to remove and replace.
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