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Online automatic checkweigher

Online automatic checkweigher

Online automatic checkweigher is a kind of weight testing equipment widely used in various industries, which can detect overweight and underweight unqualified products in the production line in real time online.

Syndar checkweigher,Online checkweigher,packaging checkweigher,have comprehensive capacity from design and development, manufacturing, marketing, installation and commissioning, CE authentication 。Over the years, Syndar high-precision dynamic checkweighe has been integrated into the production lines of leading manufacturers in various industries around the world.

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Super large range automatic checkweigher
Model: CW10090L30,CW12090L60,CW15090L100
Check weight range: 0.5-30kg;
The weighing speed is fast, without pause, and it is designed for the detection of heavy items.
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Washing type automatic industrial checkweigher
Model: CW3530L1,CW4030L2,CW4530L3
Display scale: 1g
The washable checkweigher is resistant to cleaning by various detergents and prevents the growth of bacteria.
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Online checkweigher scales <CW Series>
Model: CW6040L10,CW8040L15,CW10040L20,CW8050L10,CW10050L2
A checkweigher that supports automatic parameter calculation, real-time monitoring, uploading, and data recording.
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Automatic high speed checkweigher<CW-80 Series>
Model: CW8070L20,CW10070L40,CW12070L60,CW8080L20,CW10080L
Automatic weight detection, strong expansion performance, suitable for the checkweigher of the packaging line terminal.
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High speed checkweigher<CW-3016 Series>
Model: CW3016L03,CW3516L08,CW4016L15
The high-precision, high-speed checkweigher replaces manual labor and improves production efficiency.
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Ultra small range checkweigher food
Model: CW3012L02,CW3512L05,CW4012L1
The checkweigher with extremely accurate detection accuracy and high speed is suitable for lighter items.
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Economical automatic checkweigher
Model: CW5030L5,CW6030L10,CW7030L15
Display index: 0.1g
A complete DWS intelligent logistics integrated system, an economical checkweigher that meets various needs
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Online checkweigher capable of weighing 1-50kg
Model: CW8060L10,CW10060L30,CW12060L50
It can clearly reflect the weight change of the inspected product, and is suitable for the inspection of products below 50KG.
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For Standing Product Checkweigher Food Industry
Model: CW3023L05,CW3523L1,CW4023L2
Using modern high-speed and high-precision digital filtering algorithms, suitable for various high-level product detection
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Syndar has been focusing on innovations in food packaging, weighing, and quality inspection and control. Experienced and aggressive employees

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    The Composition of the Checkweigher
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